Josh Powell, Kids Killed in Home Explosion

Police believe suspect in the disappearance of Susan Powell killed himself, sons
3:13 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Josh Powell, Kids Killed in Home Explosion
-- terribly sad story out of Washington State. Josh Powell who lost custody of his two boys after being suspected of killing his missing wife Susan back in 2009. Killed himself and the children Sunday by setting the house on fire with a gas explosion. If she's -- Karlinsky is in Graham washing with the latest good morning -- George -- morning -- too overwhelming emotions out here this morning deep deep sadness and also anger anger that these two little boys couldn't somehow be protected from their father. A man that's so many people feared was a killer. The flight here in the parent X. -- was so powerful it shook neighbors homes and send bits of insulation from the house raining down on the neighborhood. All of a sudden that house shook and I won't read outside in you -- this black smoke. Minutes earlier just before 1230 Sunday afternoon seven year old Charles and five year old -- and -- Had been escorted into the home by a -- worker for a quarter ordered visitation with their father Josh Powell. Police say Powell forced the keys were -- locked the doors she saw flames and called 911. Just as a series of -- -- the house apart. Across town Josh Powell's attorney says he received deal from Josh stamped 1205. It was three words I'm sorry goodbye. This was -- tragic. This was deeply wrong this was people you do not kill little kids. Police found three bodies in the center of the rubble two children and an adult. They see there was no doubt that Josh Powell wanted to end his life and take his little boys with him. And see an accelerant was used to make the house -- quickly he grabbed the kids locked her out of the house -- immediately to health went up in flames they didn't. Burton -- new sources tell ABC news polls -- changed drastically in recent days. He was more calm than usual but also seemed excited about the future he was last seen in public at this custody hearing on Wednesday during which a judge ordered him to undergo a psychological examination. And lie detector tests while the kids remained with his missing wife's parents were happy to have with us. Among the best advocates. The decision was a blow to Powell who recently lost custody of the two boys and remained the only person of interest in the disappearance of his wife Susan. It's just told police that he last saw his wife around midnight in December of 2009. Before taking his two sons on a late night camping trip in the -- -- desert you know I I got out. Took a late start. This morning the Cox family which first lost a daughter. Is now dealing with the almost unbearable deaths of their grandson. The Cox families released a statement saying that they are devastated that they always feared Josh Powell might. Harm the children and there's also. This bit of intrigue from -- attorney who says that the two little boys recently had started to speak about the night their mother vanished. Saying they were called going out camping late at night with -- dead and their mother. Writing in the car's trunk. So unbelievably set out here.

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{"id":15520601,"title":"Josh Powell, Kids Killed in Home Explosion","duration":"3:13","description":"Police believe suspect in the disappearance of Susan Powell killed himself, sons","url":"/GMA/video/josh-powell-kids-killed-home-explosion-15520601","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}