Chuck and Judy Cox: Kids Said Mom Was on Camping Trip

Susan Powell's parents talk to George Stephanopoulos about their tragic loss.
4:34 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Chuck and Judy Cox: Kids Said Mom Was on Camping Trip
Joined now by Susan Powell's parents chuck and Judy Cox thank you so much for joining us this morning -- -- Begin by just saying that all of us here all of us here. So sorry for what you've gone through losing your daughter losing your two grandsons now. As well and chuck I know those boys meant the world to you. Again thank you. Well. Before we Begin is there anything you want to tell us about them anything want the world to remember about those little boys. They they had. They were very happy. They were variation kept safe and we're enjoying their time with us and they were becoming more more loving -- And it appears now we just heard the detective in that -- say that as they were growing up they might have been remembering more and talking more. About what happened the night your daughter had died do you think that's what -- just to do this. Well -- -- we have partly -- I don't think that was the only reason I think. I used I do believe that day word eventually have remembered more and would have been. -- what I think they remember for more actor that's parliament. They they had most have told us that. At different times that mommy was with them that the last I remember she -- was on a camping trip and when -- we have. Told when I would say world. Yeah a -- -- -- stayed home then they would go back to what I don't remember a -- you know coach statement. But it one point Braden did -- that picture would -- in the trunk of the car correct yeah. Yeah that was that was the summer after she went missing. Which ended some ten and 2010. Yes. And and we we're learning now of course that Josh planned this to a T. That this was very premeditated gave away the boys' toys. Sent out emails and voicemails. Did you see any sign from him any sign -- all. Like that something like this could happen. The only -- I saw was that he you appear to. He appeared to be cooperating more with good -- take just workers and the caseworkers. And I wish I remembered that he was -- cooperating more with my daughter before she went missing soul that was a warning sign to me. Do you think there's anything the could have been done. I think. Because of visits once he got house of his own to -- -- was renting. It made him easier to know be able to. Set up anything which he dead and we don't. We don't believe the visitors should have been held -- that house. You know. I don't think anyone outside who didn't know him very well could you expect this type of -- rude behavior you're serious threat such a tragedy that. He don't know how. How disturbed this person was injured is -- felt it was important for the boys to see their father to Obey the court even though as you said Sunday. That -- they were playing happily -- house. Yeah and that's what you went through my mind they need to do it in -- some thing can happen desk -- a if I had let them stay home or refuse to let him go I'm sure -- when it happened so. Might just remember I have to -- yes and talk to kids into it saying that they would have fun. And as union Stephen -- -- his dad is now in jail on suicide watch do you believe he knows what happened. Your daughter and was in part had anything to do -- it. I don't know who. Fine I'm sure that bit he had Josh talked about that and -- they didn't have that many secrets from each other that. They were very close. Can I make sure they knew what was going on his involvement I don't know to what extent he was involved. But I'm sure he knew about it it probably before it happens. -- mr. -- -- again we are so sorry for your loss thanks for sharing your story with us this morning.

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{"id":15527935,"title":"Chuck and Judy Cox: Kids Said Mom Was on Camping Trip","duration":"4:34","description":"Susan Powell's parents talk to George Stephanopoulos about their tragic loss.","url":"/GMA/video/josh-powells-chuck-judy-cox-interview-kids-mom-15527935","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}