Powell's Voice Mail: 'I Am Not Able to Go On'

ABC News has obtained one of the last messages from Josh Powell.
3:10 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Powell's Voice Mail: 'I Am Not Able to Go On'
Right to those final words from Josh Powell revealed this morning in a voice mail obtained overnight by ABC news we're -- to talk live to Susan Powell's parents. In just a minute but first here's these ABC's added we drove it was outside the Powell family home having. Good morning Robin finally some insight into Josh Powell's last few moments before he burned his house down killing himself. And killing his two young sons. These may be the last words from Josh Powell that the world ever hears his final voicemail exclusively obtained by ABC news. A little bit -- Josh. Not only important who say goodbye. Powell left this message for his brother Michael his cousins and other family members. Just twenty minutes before setting his house on fire Sunday. I would not. People who don't like what -- stand on not being able to go on people I'm sorry to everyone I've heard. Them -- And now ABC news has learned the white hot flash of -- and poor. They killed the two innocent little boys inside. Wasn't the worst of it well -- case worker pounded on the door locked out. Sources say Josh Powell corralled his sons in a room behind the garage where 25 gallon cans of gasoline had been -- Investigators tell ABC's Neal Karlinsky that Powell -- the flames and then attacked them. And -- moved too disturbing to comprehend we believe -- the. Attempted murder before the fire and didn't quite succeed the brutality of this whole thing -- -- -- -- -- Investigators believe that Josh Powell felt threatened by recent revelations the boys that may have been remembering the night their mother Susan Powell vanished. Even drawing a picture that showed her and their vehicle's trunk while they went camping the secret for garment Josh. But what we're -- -- those kids were saying. He basically got rid of the evidence. Does the evidence is -- I don't think -- wanna kill himself. Only those kids behind say what they would save about him. Detectives say they've learned enough to know this was no instant fit of rage but a planned attack by half father under suspicion for his wife's disappearance. In the days leading up to the fire they say Josh Powell methodically donated his -- books and toys to charity to. Thirty send email to somebody telling -- -- transfer this money comes back to count to somebody else's bank account. He wanted somebody to know how to take care was personal business when he is gone I'm sorry everyone -- hurt. Josh Powell's sister Elaine is now reacting to this haunting voice mail she says in a statement to ABC news. That Josh and his boys spent more than two years being crushed alive by hate harassment and abuse none of us could have anticipated the devastating tragedy. That took place Sunday. But what this unimaginable loss shows is that hate -- never and well hate kills. Of course everyone who knows Josh Paul who knew Josh Powell and now wondering are there any warning signs that they could have -- to try to prevent this from happening.

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{"id":15527878,"title":"Powell's Voice Mail: 'I Am Not Able to Go On'","duration":"3:10","description":"ABC News has obtained one of the last messages from Josh Powell.","url":"/GMA/video/josh-powells-voice-mail-explosion-killed-kids-15527878","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}