Joy Behar's 'The View' Departure: Star's Top Moments

Comedian announces she is leaving the show after 16 memorable seasons.
2:46 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Joy Behar's 'The View' Departure: Star's Top Moments
People feel like wit wit that a joint base are leaving that they're losing their sister and she has been there since they'd be getting an out. Joy eBay -- last original member of the view besides Barbara Walters is leaving the show that we spoke exclusively with -- Har. This morning just moments ago she tells us quote. I've put in sixteen years and felt the time was right. So doing a great job today. For a deck and a half per unique wit -- yeah how much -- elected officials -- Calling Tiger Woods senate -- now we doesn't that people don't get real but -- had the same problem next time. And willingness to get well a little -- No man. -- Has brought joy to millions of viewers good this morning -- they Hart says she's ready to hang up her coffee mug. I -- talks and a hand. Later this summer she'll sign -- with ABC signature bit worried broadcast after sixteen seasons. Calling it the right time to say goodbye they are and then there's since have you launched in 1997. -- has been the center of so many memorable moments. From her decision to block traffic that would protest during an interview. -- -- -- To her over the top -- -- -- to Islam and -- controversial. Sex book -- on millions of women's bedside table -- Now I don't know that I. Yeah. Wry sense of humor and -- manners and even heard the ultimate form of flattery being regularly -- on Saturday Night Live. -- -- -- they -- has also been a prejudging -- -- for more than thirty years at the think you order our receptionists wasn't at one time here GMA. And we -- now -- look like a Vietnam flashback. Sources say -- hard -- departure will be bittersweet. Thursday she told deadline dot com. Quote I have a lot of friends there and I will miss -- when I worked with because we have a family there. So after six. Teen years they are is spreading her wings she also tells us quote you can't stay forever on the show I'm graciously act -- stage left I want to explore other opportunities that she. Has hinted that she'll be focusing not her standup career and play writing among other things she adds this morning I thought wow let's grated orange yes yes -- does as Susan thank you join.

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{"id":18683230,"title":"Joy Behar's 'The View' Departure: Star's Top Moments","duration":"2:46","description":"Comedian announces she is leaving the show after 16 memorable seasons.","url":"/GMA/video/joy-behars-view-departure-bill-oreilly-walk-off-18683230","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}