J.R. Martinez to Be a Dad

The "Dancing With the Stars" champion is going to be a father.
0:28 | 12/18/11

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Transcript for J.R. Martinez to Be a Dad
-- a little breaking Dancing With The Stars news to report this morning now we can't reveal to cast for the next season but we can reveal that last season's winner. JR Martinez is going to be a daddy. Surveillance guy he's the Iraq War vet and he and girlfriend are expecting their first child next -- I'm girl beyond I was wondering whether they're planning to hang the mirror ball trophy over the crib. Instead of -- mobile. Yes I am definitely wonder and that number one -- -- And -- on her mind.

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{"id":15182508,"title":"J.R. Martinez to Be a Dad","duration":"0:28","description":"The \"Dancing With the Stars\" champion is going to be a father.","url":"/GMA/video/jr-martinez-dad-15182508","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}