'DWTS': J.R. Martinez Is the Man to Beat

ABC News' Cameron Mathison gets the inside scoop on "Dancing With the Stars."
4:56 | 10/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS': J.R. Martinez Is the Man to Beat
It is Dancing With The Stars time now and the man to -- this season JR Martinez. The actor who was seriously wounded serving in Iraq is at the top of the leaderboard and as Bruno says his life story -- a source of inspiration to us all. Are given special correspondent and dancing that Pamela Madsen knows JR well. He's your analogy inside scoop on this hero who was born to dance -- -- -- George it's dry JR Martinez what I die I mean he's pretty much stolen the hearts of everybody on Dancing With The Stars. And I got a chance to sit down with my -- to help people at home get to know what I know the man behind the dance. He's charmed audiences and judges alike since week war. Guy out -- Jeff via is charisma and zest for life. -- -- -- -- And that. -- -- -- like I didn't. Shattering sex much -- Have kept dip near the top of the leaderboard for five weeks running. Heroes I believe are -- are searched their normal people -- ordinary people. We do extraordinary things -- -- you did something extraordinary. An Iraqi war vet actor and fellow All My Children alone I am fortunate to call JR Martinez pretty close friend. I really hurt like right now like -- -- I act. I would look at -- any ballplayer get out of bed He had I would've been -- morning and my feet still -- that that -- -- and my body it's hard to kind of rally of Russian repeat late -- -- -- -- this. They'd heard the that I -- -- about -- would be that hard -- JR and I hit the park with his partner in crime Romeo my -- Romeo we -- -- -- he's so focused on the ball right now it's that same focus and determination that has gotten JR -- where He is today. -- -- -- for David Mayo. I love omelet unless sucker for spaghetti and you both hardest part. Dancing with -- -- still. Rehearsing when you have someone telling you all the time that that's -- lot of people always say. You know and I've heard physically physically physically and you know physically it has taken a tollway. Mentally -- been the toughest part for me. JR is one of the toughest guys I know after joining the army at nineteen his humvee drove over a land mine. Resulting in burns covering over 40% of his body. Ever since my injury come -- that much more in tune with things that this spiritually they're going on in my life and I'm exposed to and you know and I can see things in a different light now as long as you. Do good things and as long as you have a great attitude and leaving and and you stay strong stay positive. You know all these things it's just. If you've devoted your life to getting that message out to others as well. -- way -- see it is that you know I was given a second chance. Yeah and and and not a lot of people get a second chance you know it and life so I want it to help people understand certain things that I've learned. In a second chance and how to make their first chance that much more meaning. Your big practical Joker I must accept some -- you know joke we -- did -- to -- there hasn't actually. -- You. You -- see her growing but I feel totally responsible for this because. Because he's walking through the door right now -- Yeah. I barely -- yeah. OK so many practical jokes really are my thing I should probably stick to my -- Cameron mathison. Speed is the biggest challenge for JR what's his biggest action. And he's -- and I and He ST ER He had sit around it I didn't really really good good. Or. Not at all or -- disaster -- it is that -- after last week's. -- Some these -- you are once again in the top slot and they're hoping this week's quick -- we'll keep them. Here's a couple things that -- -- -- the frame up. You keep the elbow and shoulder shoulders down articulate how giving an hour and communicate just get just get really like you know as uncomfortable as possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look and god and feeling good is right he's keep it out. There but but most importantly He told me personally. He is having a phenomenal time on the show -- also told me. That before He goes live every night He -- not only for himself and his partner but for all the cast on Dancing With The Stars so they don't get injured. Every night life. And He certainly is what a great -- CIA -- tonight the next Raddatz tonight again to the stars at eight. 7 central right here on ABC -- -- what you think which celebrity. Is the one to beat on Dancing With The Stars vote values and G and they have on your Smartphones.

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{"id":14801710,"title":"'DWTS': J.R. Martinez Is the Man to Beat","duration":"4:56","description":"ABC News' Cameron Mathison gets the inside scoop on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jr-martinez-man-beat-14801710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}