Jude Law Tackles Pharmaceutical Industry in "Side Effects"

Academy Award nominee on his latest role as out-of-control doctor.
3:58 | 01/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jude Law Tackles Pharmaceutical Industry in "Side Effects"
Back, now, with jude law. He is starring in a tense, new thriller, "side effects." He plays a doctor whose life spins out of control thanks to one patient. I was exhausted after watching this movie. It has a fantastic twist. It's set in the world of pharmacology. I play a psychiatrist. It plays back to "double indemnity." "Jagged edge," "fatal attraction." Things that you can't see where whatever happens next. Rooney mara, so tortured. Your patient tracks you down. And she interrupting a conversation you're having with your wife. She invades my life more and more. Can we talk? If it's an emergency, I can meet you. I just don't -- I was getting on the subway. And it was like when I was in the car. I have to go to work in five minutes. You're going to go to work after? Okay. Five minutes. Call me after your meeting. Just when I thought I knew where we were going -- rooney is particularly special. She has an ability to lure you in. And you don't feel you're getting 100%. So, there's a sense that you want to see more and find out more and understand more. How about catherine zeta-jones? Catherine's in it. She's feisty in it. Feisty. Well-said. She packs a punch. Although the material is deep and it deals with a moral gray zone, as far as doctors prescribing pharmaceuticals, there's a lot of big questions in this movie. But behind the scenes, you had a fabulous time together. We did. We were in the hands of steven soderbergh. He is a great filmmaker. And he believes in the workplace being a fun place. It's a great group of people. Channing tatum is a great, fun guy. I'm so glad you brought him up. Why is that? I enjoy his body of work. Or his body? That was for you, george. And so, yeah. We did. We had a lot of fun. We has said, even though you didn't share any scenes, channing said to one of the interviews you've been doing, you're his man crush. I did hear that. I think he's pulling someone's leg. Surely. Can I ask you about another one of the actors. A breakout star who had a pivotpiv pivotal scene. I was a little nervous. It's the one and only. Let's put it on. Who is it? Oh, yeah. I mean, you're a talented actor. What did you think of our josh elliott? He was biting at my heels. He wanted your role, didn't he? He did a good job, don't you think? He did a great job. It is an important scene. This is the kind of movie we can't say too much. Suffice it to say, jude law is terrific. Apparently so. We have to go. Please, come back. Of course, I will. "Side effects" in theaters FEBRUARY 8th.

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{"id":18364727,"title":"Jude Law Tackles Pharmaceutical Industry in \"Side Effects\"","duration":"3:58","description":"Academy Award nominee on his latest role as out-of-control doctor.","url":"/GMA/video/jude-law-interview-side-effects-tackles-pharmaceutical-industry-18364727","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}