Jude Law Discusses Return to 'Sherlock Holmes'

"Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" will reunite actor with Robert Downey, Jr.
5:46 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Jude Law Discusses Return to 'Sherlock Holmes'
First Sherlock Holmes blockbuster show the world the great on screen chemistry between. Robert Downey junior and Sherlock and Jude Law as his trusty friend doctor Watson. Now the romance continues in the sequel Sherlock Holmes a game of shadows it's great to have. -- back with -- that I couldn't wait to talk to you because I watched it last night at home and -- -- welcome good morning good to be great to have you back. And it didn't just picked up front we left off with the first one. He and we did we you know it's funny make a film in an halfway -- just about the time you get used to each other and you get used that way people work we worked out of every. Particular. Process with how we. -- this working relationship there's a lot of improvising but a lot of -- reading writing in the mornings in plains and using. Little bit snippets from the books. So when it was as well received. As it was and we had the opportunity to revisits this week it was -- -- never seen a drop the ball we just pick straight up and hit the ground running. And I'm sure that had to be a relief because you -- -- When you're coming to actually -- and recapture that magic he had given and also you know we weren't sure it's a much loved do you. And it we we we we we will ensure with a people who get the the takeover that we would that we decided to. Take it down and I think what was -- people embrace that and this time around where little more confident and it's got a little more swagger and little scale. -- but -- -- -- great words and that after thing and that's exactly yet there is a confidence there is definitely a swagger and as a whole lot of action. -- can't always idea from the get go was to put -- -- -- -- not lost those acts as best they -- has as much danger as possible and see how we get out of it. -- hands on the hunt for Moriarty which you didn't become a prime. Focus of this particular invention. You know he. He has his fingers all over Europe and so we end up hidden ammunition factories and but the Paris all priority all sorts of places you know when -- and and Ines ammunition economic there's no way. They're getting out of this but but -- didn't with the idea I know what you said guy you tuck my cat Ritchie of course. -- director who you couldn't you couldn't feel his influence on this but I want to play a little bit of -- -- -- for this this is when you. -- -- -- -- Again you make a little house call. By the beginning you know the story coming up picks up pretty was when the last one left -- -- warts and he's still getting married he's moved down. And he hasn't he seen homes for a couple of weeks and images of dissipated away so he's not quite sure what -- friends you know to move that took this up perfectly -- -- -- life. -- where you off. I'm -- gonna play this game. I have to catch the last. Trade. That's you can change views -- Five news. Came. This student sealing. The -- shouldn't w.'s. A movie avenue just let them. There is something that is unmistakable when you all are together and and Robert talks as highly of -- and saying that there and assists. It's got to be at just -- a real comfort level to trust each other as much as you do on screen. And and huge -- -- respects and and also I think an opportunity to play. Only Ritchie is very good at letting the two of us just play and from the day we met when I think I was being rotations. For the -- We just -- to offer -- -- -- we love the idea of this. Sort of strange domestic relationship it's almost like Brothers -- you know teach students living together. A -- -- -- minutes -- all of us. And yet they take you out of the house and that certainly that -- when there's a gun fight going over that victory when they had their lives are in danger. And that that that always -- tickled us inciting it -- works and you know he is -- he's an extraordinary don't want to be around -- heats incredibly creative. He's incredibly challenging in in in he's works that parents. Senator united witty turn up on Cedras is a woman. Yi -- you just go with the flow I'm lucky to the -- playing the character in some ways the on the ground just. Offers the stability of friendship and that's a good way of putting -- -- love when you all pickle spent on the dance fullest what a little talk about that. -- -- -- -- -- The bear did everything going on has this far and upcoming rolling his primary in London at the moment with Keira -- -- in. -- said -- Russia so this is -- Russian be I think we have a split screen of this -- and don't we have. Yes say if this isn't -- place. And they on the red carpet look yes it's a win win how -- -- it's a win win good good expand. It's like you were here two years ago about this time we talked about the holidays with your kids so he had -- going back in the relatively backward back in the holiday season. I am I didn't quite been a -- that found him working posing a play in London and some well. And I went straight into this film that I make you the moment and so who aren't going away we -- going away -- -- one. The -- that ties in the nation and enjoy the sun which isn't -- -- -- -- Is a good way to relax and be together as long as you all together here you are -- delight always always such -- -- appreciate thank you very much my pleasure -- -- Good thank you Sherlock Holmes a game of shadows opens this Friday nationwide.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"\"Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows\" will reunite actor with Robert Downey, Jr.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15152700","title":"Jude Law Discusses Return to 'Sherlock Holmes'","url":"/GMA/video/jude-law-returns-watson-sherlock-holmes-game-shadows-15152700"}