Judge Livid As YouTube Confessor Pleads Not Guilty To DUI

Matthew Cordle confessed to driving drunk in video that went viral.
2:34 | 09/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge Livid As YouTube Confessor Pleads Not Guilty To DUI
Now, to the surprising twist in the case of the drunk driver who confessed to killing a man. And he posted that confession on youtube. Matthew cordle will be back in court today where he's expected to be arraigned, a day after a judge blew up at him and his defense team. Abc's linsey davis has that story for us. I'm sorry you all came. I'm sorry you all came to this big thing. There's no reason to be arraigned here. Reporter: Judge julie lynch, visibly annoyed on the bench tuesday, after she says 22-year-old matthew cordle and his lawyers blindsided her. My name is matthew card cordle. AND JUNE 22nd, 2013, I HIT AND Killed vincent carzani. Reporter: Cordle made headlines for this confession of killing a man back in june. He said he would plead guilty. But judge lynch tells abc news, cordle's lawyers flipped the script on her at the last minute. Apparently, there was a youtube video. That youtube video stated some things in it that were told to me by defense attorney and by prosecution, this court has not seen the youtube video. Reporter: You came in thinking they were going to plead guilty. Everything was going to be guilty. I'm somewhat incensed by somebody who isn't forthright with the court. Reporter: Why would cordle plead not guilty despite his assertions? His attorneys tell us it's a common maneuver to get the legal ball rolling. They plan to change the plea to guilty, immediately. Were you blind sided by her response? I was blind sided that we didn't go through with the arraignment. Reporter: Judge lynch says they're trying to game the system. Entering the guilty plea, they would lock in the judge. And cordle's team say they got spooked. He faces from two years to 8 1/2 years in prison for aggravated vehicular homicide. He's going to plead guilty. Once you commit to pleading guilty, there's only one question left. What's going to be the sentence? And who determines that? The judge. And which judge you get can make a big difference. Reporter: Cordle's team maintains they're not trying to manipulate which judge handles the case. The same judge will be handling today's arraignment. And the defense has the same intent, at least initially, they plan to have cordle plead not guilty. Sentencing will likely take place some time next month, with a judge that is still to be determined.

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{"id":20221927,"title":"Judge Livid As YouTube Confessor Pleads Not Guilty To DUI","duration":"2:34","description":"Matthew Cordle confessed to driving drunk in video that went viral.","url":"/GMA/video/judge-livid-youtube-confessor-pleads-guilty-dui-20221927","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}