Judge Mary Ann Gunn on Lacrosse Murder Trial

Host of "Last Shot With Judge Gunn" discusses the trial of George Huguely.
3:01 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for Judge Mary Ann Gunn on Lacrosse Murder Trial
Joining us live now is former circuit court judge Mary and guns she as host of the syndicated show last shot. We judge -- -- look at -- meeting you thanks for being here thank you famine let's talk a bit more about this case and a lot of legal experts say comes down to intent whether jurors believe or not there was. Intent to the prosecutors. That they had -- they do with the case. Well I think the prosecutors putting on fifty witnesses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- it up to that jury when they go back in the jury room to determine. Whether it was premeditated. Or with malice reckless. Or an accident. And that will determine who what the -- to -- even his own attorney separate but said there -- don't think there's going to be an acquittal here. But the best that they can hope -- -- that the jury feels that they he did not intend. The costs of bodily harm but his attorneys in -- closing -- say that would fix column that's stupid trunk and then they bring up Yardley love's prescription medication. You know and tax. Red Herring one. Stupid drunk doesn't work with anybody I mean that's not a -- -- he contributed to her death. And she died and he was in the commission of a robbery. Under Virginia -- -- you don't have to have premeditation. To be convicted of first degree murder if it's in the course of a robbery. So if you take that away that's the problem that juries can hack is how to take all these instructions. And plug the fax in to what they think happened. And one of the last things that they saw in the closing arguments that the -- you're thirteen years on by black Circuit Court however okay. So -- thirteen years you save the prosecutor chronic. About Yardley love -- you think that plays you know -- -- -- do that and it's a over the top. He may be emotional but -- not expecting -- and they don't want to see that. They wanna see him be a prosecutor and represents -- and not try about it and Santo if he were sitting here I'd say don't do that. -- them kind of so don't go there it's just sometimes I look at could ferry a question of very emotional case no playbook for a lot of people also now to the hands of the jury. -- -- -- I mean they're bad they're job is very complicated. In many respects because of all the instructions I have I mean bad. -- -- He doesn't denied that he was that -- doesn't deny that he hurt her. He doesn't deny that he caused. Her injuries and contributed to her death wrong thing. I mean I dare you have a that he committed a robbery. And she -- Then there's two lives that are lost. His and cars -- an actor's. February income thank you thank you good to have -- here sir appreciate your insight as always.

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{"id":15750546,"title":"Judge Mary Ann Gunn on Lacrosse Murder Trial","duration":"3:01","description":"Host of \"Last Shot With Judge Gunn\" discusses the trial of George Huguely.","url":"/GMA/video/judge-mary-ann-gunn-uva-lacrosse-murder-trial-15750546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}