Judge Rules All Women Should Have Access to 'Morning After Pill'

Age limitation set by President Obama's administration is overruled in court.
1:47 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for Judge Rules All Women Should Have Access to 'Morning After Pill'
This morning families across america are absorbing some big health news. A judge has ruled that girls under 17 should be able to buy the so-called morning after pill without a prescription as easy as buying aspirin. A rare move. The judges overruling an age limit set by the obama administration calling it arbitrary and political. Abc's dr. Richard besser is here with the medical reality check for us. There's a lot of confusion about this. Doctor, is this the same as the abortion pill. There's so much confusion about that. It is a different drug. Rd 486 has to be given under a doctor's prescription. This is a hormone. In many birth control pills given at a higher dose and prevents pregnancy in the first place. Here's why it is so controversial. Some believe making this so commonly available will encourage young people to have sex. Is this your view? I'm a parent of teenagers and I'm a pediatrician and one thing I know is far more teens are having sex than parents know or believe. Some of it is unwanted, incest, abuse, but some are just young children making a decision to have sex. The goal here is to the to foster earlier sex but it's to help prevent some of those unwanted pregnancies. 40% of pregnancies are unplanned and unwanted. By making this available over the counter the goal is that when that happens there is a choice between having a pregnancy or future abortion and not getting pregnant in the first place. Is it safe. It's very safe. You know, there may be some breast tenderness, may be some irregular periods but it is an extremely safe drug. If someone uses it they still need to see their doctor afterwards for std testing but very safe. It is controversial. It is. Great to see you. Thank you very much.

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{"id":18895408,"title":"Judge Rules All Women Should Have Access to 'Morning After Pill'","duration":"1:47","description":"Age limitation set by President Obama's administration is overruled in court.","url":"/GMA/video/judge-rules-women-access-morning-pill-18895408","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}