Judith Light on New Play 'Other Desert Cities'

The actress is back on Broadway and not afraid to tackle tough topics.
6:05 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Judith Light on New Play 'Other Desert Cities'
Hi welcome to focus on faith on father Edward back. My guess today is the talented and versatile actress Judith Light. So fans will remember her as apparently from one life to live to Emmy Awards for that by the way. -- fifty years she plays Angela on whose false and that for four years was clearly need on a wee bit. Judith is also an accomplished Broadway actress nominated last year for a Tony award. -- -- or which is now poised to open in a new Broadway play called other desert cities which I went to see the other. You'd think he welcomed -- It's great thing. I would Begin talking about let's play. Which is very taken I was very powerful sentiment there grow online apparel -- like -- Part of this dysfunctional family and what they go through. So Tulsa look at from your perspective and -- into -- of course right what is -- And this play is about human dynamics family dynamics. And the war politics. -- war the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And how we got into that war and -- it is at the end of the day about. Revealing secrets. To each other that have kept -- family dysfunctional. And in the end it is about well. -- And you -- Silva. That's correct recovering alcoholic sister Polly was played soccer -- that's right brilliantly so yes we'll go to -- Thank you -- but there are. Your own secrets you you come across in the play as. The outspoken in. All out there person that we find out that you're carrying your own stuff. That's exactly right and that's what I -- by secrets and that's what you are saying we don't want to give a lot of that -- because each person. On the has they have kept very close and as they say in alcoholics anonymous or any of those organizations you are only as sick as your secrets. And sickness in the family has been festering the costs of -- -- and win. Everyone hits bottom. Everything that gets revealed. Has the potential to turn Africans from. And it comes to fever pitch anthrax and in the emotion and it I was watching you mostly because I -- -- going to be talking him. And you know when the emotion -- you when you and your crying and everything that comes out I thought. How did she do this eight times a week without just being totally its Austin. We're pretty exhausted we have I mean first of all the -- it's written by Jon Robin Bates who is I think a genius. And Gemma teller who has directed at collecting -- switching I mean we have really beautiful connection all of us. And so that keeps you. Boy and centered and life in the moment to do this to that keeps your energy up. I have. The support in my husband. And I managers of over 32 years we've all worked together for -- -- until I have them as my touchstone announce my support. And that's what gets me through. -- -- -- -- sold who is Jewish attack in the play but. This kind of back and forth between she and sister -- that a pregnant -- not really wanting to be partially answered that's about it but she doesn't want people to know but it did the truth of -- you when you say that it reminds him that have to tell people the sounds like this sort of explosive you know dramatic piece it is. But it also historically. It is isn't it funny and he's -- whole beginning is just hysterical and this is one of the things that's so funny. -- like sold as all of a Polly that it's like no no honey you're not during Q help let lest you forget. And you argue that's at least raised I have -- -- married and -- -- how I did I. So did your people right in particular. I get the sense that your spirituality is rather but it didn't come and they which -- -- the branch office yet there. Oh yeah one of the things that I did do was that I always knew that there was a heart and soul in -- -- -- More spirituality then I would say it from me reform Judaism is wonderful because of its expanse of -- And this support that it gives to its congregation and the wisdom in the history and the culture all of that. But I was looking for more until I went -- well and so that was -- was much more it deepened. My Jewish faith but my my spirituality is very eclectic and I have sought for years answers to the to life and to why we're here and why. I -- in the field that I hand in hand. The extension of the charity work that I that I do and that. It has been a piece of my life that has has enhanced my life. Given my life and -- and a graphic -- substance and it clarity. And has taught me about. Being of service because I think in the theater we are people we -- in the service business. And so. And all the other things that I do their -- of that -- charity work which -- we'll talk about. But he has -- and the context. You know those moments in your life plan. All the pieces of -- -- wouldn't. Come together. That's something that has been in the dark there's -- -- the -- it and it has revealed. -- -- I'm not going. I'm having compassion might go to see them might do whatever but I and -- not really I'm not really.

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{"id":14933285,"title":"Judith Light on New Play 'Other Desert Cities'","duration":"6:05","description":"The actress is back on Broadway and not afraid to tackle tough topics.","url":"/GMA/video/judith-light-play-desert-cities-14933285","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}