Judy Collins on Social Activism

Legendary singer discusses priorities and sings Amazing Grace with Father Beck.
4:48 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Judy Collins on Social Activism
Something so big from your whole era was a social activism which you wrote about sang about demonstrated about. And now we have the Wall Street the Occupy Wall Street movement and many are saying. It's reminiscent of what happened in the sixties that people are standing up yes you know -- it matters to them and they want their voices. Heard do you see any from learning how very very strongly in fact I think finally. After many years people are remembering. That that's how. It was done. That's how a lot of the sinking and a lot of the world changed its opinions about the war it took a long time of course. And I think we -- finally remembering that it was. Our priority should not be. Wore it should be humanity it should be caring for each other it should be figuring out how to get health care. That works how to get out of the conflicts that were in the drain us and -- energy and -- are. Our focus and find -- -- to to turn towards that. The humanity humanity in all of us. Your signature song. For many. I -- -- -- but amazing grace. You are identified but -- -- and when I was reading about how the recording came about that they had put all instruments and there and you said -- take them out it doesn't sound right and -- -- went into a church. Yes and you recorded a cappella. Amazing grace. I tell you a little more background about that too because. One of the know many many things that I did to try to solve the problems that I was having figure out what was -- what was wrong with me. Was to go to all kinds of self help groups as you mentioned before one of them was was an encounter group -- I got involved with with the guys that started. -- you encounter groups at the Phoenix house appeared on the west side in New York. And he came -- and got a bunch of those upper west -- New Yorkers to encounter liners that we would meet every -- -- encounter when the ruling countering is very brutal. -- it's worse and worse than the primal scream I think there. It was not and there it probably is is more rugged than ethnic. So -- we are one night. Probably in 1970. Terry Taylor part and my producer was -- part of this group and he said you know I think you should think something everybody is is. Out of sorts and angry and so ice ice amazing grace because I knew Whitman grandmother taught me that's on and I figured everybody knows a little bit of -- at least. So saying -- in the next more and calmed. The waters down. People were -- better. So the next morning mark colonies that you know I think we should require that of the first attempt was -- the instruments and I said it does sound awful right. As -- let's go up to. And then we found pictures saint Paul's chapel at the university at Columbia University on the campus. It's beautiful. Oh and we went there with -- recording equipment. And we recorded amazing grace just for the bunch of friends singing my brother was -- -- Denver was imminent safety -- -- I was living with that the time was. Different Harris humans and actor and wonderful very fine it was a lot of people who just bodies came up and saying. And suddenly it was hit single around the country you don't pay any chance of that meeting and -- -- this song. -- man. Is being grants. Only if you'll sing with me father. I was. -- -- -- me. Two. And I mean. Was. Now. The days. Thank you for singing with me. Thank you for letting ran -- who think. Suite Judy blue lives that's what you are thinking thank you for sharing your amazing grace that was my pleasure. For those of you have not yet read this book go out and -- it it is called suite Judy blue lines and is -- one album called bohemian which I haven't gotten yet either and I'm going to. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":14836001,"title":"Judy Collins on Social Activism ","duration":"4:48","description":"Legendary singer discusses priorities and sings Amazing Grace with Father Beck.","url":"/GMA/video/judy-collins-social-activism-legendary-singer-amazing-grace-father-beck-focus-on-faith-gma-14836001","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}