Julia Roberts Reveals Her Latest Obsession

"Mirror Mirror" star also discusses her upcoming anniversary with Danny Moder.
5:52 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Julia Roberts Reveals Her Latest Obsession
So I drew the lucky -- this -- had the chance to sit down with one of America's favorite movie stars Julia Roberts is about to delight fans again in a surprising way. She plays the evil queen in a brand new and funny take on Snow White called mirror mirror. He -- kind of talk about that the big anniversary she has coming up with -- husband Danny motor. And what she's totally obsessed with right now. She stole our hearts and pretty woman. He hated us and won an Oscar as Erin Brockovich now Julia Roberts is the ultimate over the top evil queen in mirror mirror and. Focus group -- six girls watching and my wife and everybody. Top to bottom. Was laughing the whole time but the truth teller with a twist your wife flat that makes me so happy -- this is good way to start there. It is with a twist it's so it's more kind of the way Lily Collins who plays our Snow White I can think it's not -- group of more easily into back there. She brings this story of really a young girl coming into her own she sweep which he hasn't handled dagger. By the end she -- pretty much. Kick your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Version of the evil queen is just. A lunatic which is -- -- -- So much fun fresh start -- -- how to keep all of us on her side. I can she leaves my -- and seen Julie is -- dark side is quite a surprise. Woolley -- Snow -- and she's had a great thing she said it was so fun to see your famous smile turning to something sinister and creepy. Hop race. -- -- you know it was fun to do -- -- stem power. Commanding leader in this endeavor really let us all go. As far as we -- -- And really does seem to drive you crazy she drives me crazy movie and you need to win the prince away from her and that's the scene -- initially having dinner with him a -- -- Carry you all the way down the drove -- question about that you. Should black characters. Pictures most beautiful woman in the whole world and great disgrace that Steve. Can your ivory skin. Black -- not -- -- raids an and she's eighteen years old in his in his embassy defense of course it's good. Army hammer who plays prince charming is really prince -- and he's six foot five. Good manners sweet boy always on time knows his lines and I think he brought a lot of great humor to that part. They make a great team sparking sell many of those famous Julia laughs. Although if you live overseas you could have seen all her movies and never heard a lot of actresses of trying to capture your left and we -- they get it right here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would the same side. They definitely didn't -- the the department there -- this -- again. I like the Russian I was gonna vote for the Russian to -- as -- -- -- a new game show. I will say this -- I was at a dinner party wants in Italy and this one. One men that was steaming I -- this really peculiar way and I finally turned her and said. At least -- like that she says I never heard you speak English it's fascinating. She's only seen in Italian. Off -- Roberts is devoted mom and wife -- to cinematographer Danny motor ten years here has been. We've been hearing for ten years pretty milestone that -- we had ten years just about six months ago and couldn't believe -- -- said. And how long are you kidding but you can't say -- George. Yeah. And well I'm -- not gonna take on the continent and a family movie let's keep it G -- did you get Disney. What hasn't come up yet it still -- -- the months. And you figured this all you figured out happily ever after well I think you have to find that person not. That makes that all kind of come together and interested in them and now the rest is just unfolding so nice they now. But Juliet does have a fantasy girlfriend on the -- Pop superstar -- -- road and Entertainment Weekly we feel like -- and -- book club where she lives in our neighborhood and that's a gift to make people feel that way. You look at the growing -- her kids so I really did and my oldest son has a crush on her kids so it's a family looks kind of universal to seems like. -- -- -- great talents beyond that amazing -- is getting everyone to root for her she brings people in its like. -- sharing is so open and genuine and teams to come from this really beautiful place that attracts -- -- to her I want him with a quick lightning. Posts yeah what's that -- means I'm -- try to -- -- need to finish the sentence very quickly. So you hope. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Adult I want more muscles. I want -- -- And I wish I could learn to. Play the -- has amassed enough I'm actually dizzy that was ten cents a pack to his thanks very much thanks insurance.

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{"id":15935246,"title":"Julia Roberts Reveals Her Latest Obsession","duration":"5:52","description":"\"Mirror Mirror\" star also discusses her upcoming anniversary with Danny Moder.","url":"/GMA/video/julia-roberts-star-snow-mirror-mirror-white-reveals-latest-obsession-15935246","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}