Julianne Moore on Acting

The actress discusses her approach to acting with Father Edward Beck.
7:01 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Julianne Moore on Acting
Has writing these -- Three children's books made you want to venture into other kinds of writing like maybe a memoir. That you know I saw this great Maurice Sendak documentary and somebody asked him knew why He wrote children's books and -- at least it's a fascinating character and and He. He -- -- -- you hearing was. It comes out how it comes out -- And and I think that. I'm not listen I'm not difference and -- recent mechanized and -- you know bribery case -- -- his picture books that. I I think it's just been. It's been interesting to explore that but I don't know that I honestly have that the capability of skills to that right memoir something -- -- be interesting to try it's -- -- -- -- -- -- I find that with people who -- in the public the attraction on writing a memoir is to set certain things straight -- you know your -- some way reported some way and you get -- -- -- from your vantage point ray is that attractive. Really care I mean I don't I don't know that there's a whole lot of mystery about me anyway and I think my life has been. Pretty regular you know -- You know -- Leniency in -- long time I have two children you know there's this -- -- is fairly pedestrians there's not a whole lot to set straight. And I think if I were ever to write anything can be much interest in fiction waited in memoir just because. I know what happened to me and I don't think it's it's just think. I like things -- -- pretend. But is there anything better reader would be really surprised the value that you would disclose -- it's AG. I would have never thought about her or I read -- -- about Ingrid Bergman ones that are made may have been out of article went -- they talked about how how -- how amazing she wasn't cleaning up. And I thought -- meaning cleaning up to. And it made me feel so good because I thought you know here's the skill that I have which is just great cleaning this -- be good at it. And I don't think of it you know eyes as being important I think Ingrid Bergman liked it she value that don't. So I suppose that would be the thing that that might be surprising and once again pedestrian. It's a job offer that -- -- at a lot of friends and Emanuel over everything that's -- right. I can I know you here to talk about global movement I cannot resist. Talking about one of my favorite movies because of its -- that means -- the previous. When I read and of the affair He -- I love that Graham Green book -- Roman Catholic author. And then I was so taken the -- election three times are such. Theological. Religious themes that pulse through that book -- mean and in Europe -- -- She makes this prayer to god that -- Hendricks is -- killed you know come back to life she will and the affair -- -- the title. And then you know win your character die hazard miraculous things happening and so half. It's Catholic and it just want him. What that and it's and then the but the great thing the you know her last line before she dies on death that she says you know -- -- -- -- after. Which is just. Devastating. You can -- -- it they're they're you know you say okay it was only loved their you know there. Relationship -- that's -- it was that is on that and that god has slumped to an what does that mean and what you know what are -- capable and and did it matter that it ended because they were together in you know. It's it was yet it's -- heavily Catholic. That but also intensely personal and really about the promises that you make to your. -- loved ones the people you care about what is here on how can you you know isn't a lot of hair you know at the end and that's that's that's him. So just playing a character like that forced -- to consider what do you believe how do you approach and how you were raised to believe visit. Bring up those kind of question. Named I mean it for me I thought. It's about you know what they put god equation -- not this is a woman who made a probe makes a promise. On her. On her lover to life to -- something. And -- she's going to -- neck on that promise. Whether or not you believe in god -- you've jeopardized. Your morality. And you know you've you've said that you know I'm I'm putting my I'm putting this stuff you know before you for you for this to happen and so. So if you if you. -- to move regardless of whether you believe in god you've. You you've ruined it somehow. -- I've been so taken with how much faith is part of this current election campaign. Again all of these -- pine mountain -- -- Romney's Mormon as a -- that and I read. That you have an upcoming project creating -- place our payment rate for HBO yes. Does does that kind those fortunate to look at politics -- you believe about it -- -- all that up as well. We you know it's interesting for me right now the payment is most. Disappointing. About politics is how -- -- become the thinking you know that the the entire idea of being a country of United States now. The way -- the will be formed ourselves is to be you know. Be greater than some of our hearts and to be able to work together to create a hole that benefits the majority of people. And right now the way I feel is that everybody's so so. Divisive and and so self interested him and so. Much about being re elected in. And special interests and but I'm I'm really discussed -- and now -- I really feel kind of ashamed. And even -- in the terms of the research I did on the way campaigns there are. Conducted. Yes how much is about how to get on the -- honey -- -- -- and how do you make the most noise. When in fact what we're all looking for is leadership we don't want noise we want we want people who are gonna take care of -- care costs and you know whole idea behind taxation is also that we are -- -- you -- give portion of our income to the government of the United States to benefit all of us. Yes this idea that something paid more some of that it is like I am I I don't understand it and -- -- -- -- and again. Host -- -- months. -- you. Yeah but -- guy I've read all three of these beautiful face strawberry -- now and I think that integrate. Think there thank you for write in the new one is called best friends forever. And I think it has agreements such I think what -- -- with children literacy. It's a great projects -- lesson. Thank you and -- me and me and it.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"The actress discusses her approach to acting with Father Edward Beck.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14741718","title":"Julianne Moore on Acting","url":"/GMA/video/julianne-moore-interview-2011-discusses-approach-to-acting-with-father-edward-beck-entertainment-14741718"}