Julianne Moore on New Thriller 'Non Stop'

The star talks about working with Liam Neeson and what drew her to the action film.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Julianne Moore on New Thriller 'Non Stop'
I'm back inside with Julianne Moore. We want to talk about your new movie. The cold never bothered me anyway. You'll come out next time. You star with Liam Neeson. You're a passenger. He's a federal air marshal. Everything goes wrong on this transatlantic flight. We want to show everyone a little of it. Ever seen one before? No. The toilets were locked ten minutes before the captain died. Five minutes before that I saw a woman enter. She's 70 years old. She said you went in after her and she doesn't have Alzheimer's if you're wondering. Are you asking me if I saw someone else go in or if I killed the captain? I think he is. I know. I'm very suspicious, don't you think? Yeah, but your character is quite an enigma. Only thing you know about her is she really wanted a window seat. That's right. She wanted a window seat. You don't know why and she sits right next to Liam Neeson is which is where I'd sit if I were in an action movie. Absolutely and I read that you wanted to do this movie because it really reminded you of the real thrillers we grew up with. Like all those big action movies with the huge casts like "Towering inferno" and "Poseidon adventure" where you follow people when they enter into a situation. You don't know who anyone is, how they'd react. We have a lot of Facebook questions coming in. Not surprisingly a lot about your co-star. Liam. Yes, sherry wants to know "Is Liam as awesome in person as he seems to be on screen"? He's super awesome. I think people always ask me why, why audiences respond to him as an action hero. I think he has so much personal integrity and so many human and wonderful and warm that you want to see someone like that take control. I mean, he doesn't feel like a superhero. He feels like a -- When he takes control and you see that menace, he can also scare you. Tough, right. Big week ahead for Lupita nyong'o in this moved and up for an Oscar on Sunday night. We're all so excited for heir. That was a magnificent performance. Really wonderful. You know, you were a subject on "Gma" last week. I don't know if you know this. My baby-sitter told me actually. Yeah. You confessed that you stalk your kids on Facebook. Well, it's not exactly stalking. I mean I do -- I check it, you know, I look at it like I follow my daughter on instagram. You had a lot of supporters. We were all agreeing. I don't have a Facebook page but my dad does so he looks at my son's Facebook page and, you know, yeah, so I keep track. It makes a lot of sense and, of course, if you're keeping track, all the kids now following "Hunger games." This is your next big role you're going to play a president. Uh-huh. I am the president. Madam president which is cool. It's nice to see a female president, right. It sure is. Do you understand the appeal like that this hold it has on kids. I think the books are magnificent. I don't know if you've read them. I actually -- I'm starting to now because my daughters are getting into them. I bought them for my son long before they were making them into movie. I bought the third volume "Mockingjay." My daughter was Reading them. I had nothing to read. She was playing ping-pong. I picked up the book and tore through them. I think they're wonderful. I mean they're really political books with adolescent overtowns and pretty magnificent. I have to thank you. I spent many, many hours when my daughters were young are wearing "Freckle face strawberry" your children's book and you wrote "My mom is a foreigner but not to me." Is this going to keep up That's a book about what it's like to grow up with a parent from another country. My mother was from Scotland. So the person most familiar to you is foreign to the irs of the world. But, yeah, "Freckle faced strawberry" is going to keep going and moving into early readers and I feel like that's a great place for the character and kids respond to her. They sure do. Going into schools now. "Non-stop" in theaters nationwide. Opens Friday. Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson will be here live tomorrow.

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{"id":22678687,"title":"Julianne Moore on New Thriller 'Non Stop'","duration":"3:00","description":"The star talks about working with Liam Neeson and what drew her to the action film.","url":"/GMA/video/julianne-moore-thriller-stop-22678687","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}