Julie Bowen: I Want To Be Sofia Vergara When I Grow Up

"Modern Family" actress also discusses her touching speech from the awards show.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Julie Bowen: I Want To Be Sofia Vergara When I Grow Up
I love saying this. Two-time emmy winner, julie bowen is with us. Big win on sunday night. For our friend. So glad to have you. There you are. There I am. You like that? Yeah. That's probably better than any own dance. That's a sampling of the magic, celebrating. Yes. That's exactly right. We want to congratulate you on the win. Thank you. It's crazy. It's really an embarrassment of riches. I'll be happy when everyone in the cast has one. Of course. Of course. You were so humble in your speech. Last year, you did not prepare. You were shocked. Were you superstitious? I was. It didn't occur to me. For some reason in my mind, repeats aren't allowed. But when eric won, for thefection two minutes i punished, oh, we're doing repeats? That's a possibility? And nothing came to my brain, though. And then, cat dennings came out in that dress. And nothing came to my brain, either. She was holding it. And I was thinking, that dress is working so beautifully hard. And it's making a beautiful statement. And she said my name. I hadn't thought of a thing. You would never have known. The speech was so touching. You remembered to thank your nanny. That was the only thing i could think of. That week leading up to the emmys, you go to a lot of parties. And it sounds really glam courthouse and really fun. Heavens, there I am. Hello, spray tan. Right there, with you. God bless you my little spray tan. Aren't they the best? It's like years and pounds just float away. Love the spray tan. The whole week had been a series of parties and things going on. In years' past, my kids have been so little, they haven't noticed. This was the first year they really noticed and it became a group effort to make sure, between my husband, the babysitters and between everybody that was rotating through, to make sure they felt good and taken care of and not abandoned by mommy and her fancy dresses. The second I wore them, they're gone again. As if -- never seen again. You were so lovely about sofia. You want to be her when you grow up? She is such a -- she is such a female. And obviously. But she embraces that. And the strength of that. And I have always been more of a tomboy. And always feel more I need to play up my tomboyness. And as she says on her kmart ads, you are a woman, dress like one. And she inspired me to put on a tight-fitting fishtail gown. I feel like a little bit of an imposter. But she embraces all she can and all she came into the world with. And uses it to her maximum effect. And she's really smart. She's a businesswoman. I do want to be here when I grow up. And you shared with jimmy kimmel, I understand, some of the secrets to her dancing. We're going to show the clip. These americans, they have to do one thing. It's so easy. You do one thing. But in my country, you have to do this. It's true. That was more hopefully rendition what a bad dancer i was. She was like, america, one thing. But the entire time, we were in mexico for her birthday, it's like a constant movement festival. They're talking to you here. And the hips were going. And they're going in a different direction. Everything is going in a different direction. It's harder and more fun. We saw a glimpse of that from the hbo party. How does that happen? It's just not human. It's not fair, either. It's really not. And how is that dress holding together there and couldn't hold together in a seat? It fell apart in the seat. Unbelievable. I know you ended up going out to celebrate, as well you should. Also celebrating, "modern family" big premiere, it's happening on -- tonight. Tonight on abc. 9:00, 8:00 central. We're going to stick around and talk more to you. Talk about the dress. Talk about something else very important to you. Everybody, julie bowen, when we

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Modern Family\" actress also discusses her touching speech from the awards show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17328342","title":"Julie Bowen: I Want To Be Sofia Vergara When I Grow Up","url":"/GMA/video/julie-bowen-interview-2012-emmys-stephen-colbert-heartfelt-17328342"}