Jurors Deliberate Case of Murdered Mom Leading Double Life as Escort

The jury has been deliberating a week to determine if Lester Jones killed Paige Birgfeld in 2007.
4:56 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for Jurors Deliberate Case of Murdered Mom Leading Double Life as Escort
turn here because we have a murder case making headlines after a soccer mom was found dead, her double life running an escort service was revealed. Now a jury is deciding the fate of the man who killed her. Ryan smith has the latest. Reporter: That jury now deliberating a week when they resume today determining whether lester Jones killed Paige birgfeld, her remains not found until years later. As we show tonight on "20/20," her secret life providing a blueprint to authorities as to who killed her. A single mom from Colorado left home one day in 2007 and disappeared. Even her young children, frantically searching for their mom. Hey, mom, you are really, really mean. You said you would be back before dark and you haven't been back. Reporter: The baby-sitter said it was completely out of character for the hands-on mother to abandon her kids. She always created costumes for the kids and she taught a dance class for little toddlers. Everything was centered around the children. Reporter: Days later her car found set on fire. Just two miles from where she lived. But no Paige. Months of searching for Paige turned into years. Until in 2012 her remains were found in this gulch of the Colorado mountains. But who would want to hurt the 34-year-old mother of three? As police investigate, they find Paige birgfeld was leading a secret double life. In the light of day selling pampered chef cookware from an office in this nondescript cluster of commercial office spaces. But after hours Paige reveals to only a few close friends it was also a front for a pampering of a much different brand, a side business she was running named models inc. What did she do? Bachelor parties. Reporter: Paige's double identity is still a touchy subject for those with whom she shared this dirty secret. As we found when talking to some of them the years she went missing. She was learning to give massages, you know, lots of people give massages. So I knew that was doing a little extra on the side but it fit perfectly. Reporter: The little extra was that Paige for the right price would perform those massages topless. In fact, she had this ad in the local paper calling herself Carrie even posing a picture on a web sit called naughty night life. That side business some fear put her in harm's way. She had a call to meet somebody at her office. The building was closed. It was after hours. She'd see this white truck. She eventually closed her office, went downstairs to her car and as she was getting ready to leave, she sees this truck pull up. She just wanted out of there. The white pickup took off. Reporter: Was she shaken by this. She was extremely scared. She told me about it and she says, I've never been so scared in my life. Reporter: Paige had dozens of client, one of them lester Jones, 55 years old was called in for questioning and heard paid for a $400 exotic massage a year earlier. What did you have on? Nothing. What did she have on? Nothing. We did not have sex. Reporter: He made another appointment with Paige the day before she went missing. She was worried Jones figured out her true identity and sends Carol on the call instead. What's your first impression when you walk in the door? Fear? Really? Yeah. He's a very large overpowering person. What's the first thing he said to you? I want sex. I looked at him and I said, then you should probably call another escort service because it's not going to happen with me. Carol says he seemed obsessed with Paige. During 7 1/2 hours of questioning, Jones cooperates fully letting them take his fingerprints, giving them his DNA and handing over the keys to his truck. What are you driving right now. It's a white dodge pickup. White? Uh-huh. Reporter: A white pickup. Could it be the same white pickup that frightened Paige that night outside her office? Now, Jones pled not guilty to all the charges. His lawyers saying a number of her clients could have been her killer including one who is dead. The jury has been asking for Jones' entire 7 1/2-hour interrogation and a conversation he had with police that could blow this case wide open depending on how they look at it. What about the evidence? That's the tough thing. There's no DNA connection. Not a lot of direct evidence to Jones and that's why it's taken the jury so long to decide what's going to happen here, but when you have a highly circumstantial case it's hard to get a conviction. And if they have a verdict you'll have that tonight on "20/20" along with the whole story. Get that at 9:00 answer followed by Diane sawyer's interview with Elizabeth vargas on her secret battle with alcoholism.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"The jury has been deliberating a week to determine if Lester Jones killed Paige Birgfeld in 2007.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41971256","title":"Jurors Deliberate Case of Murdered Mom Leading Double Life as Escort ","url":"/GMA/video/jurors-deliberate-case-murdered-mom-leading-double-life-41971256"}