Jury's Out: Cosmo Photoshop Admission, Cyber Bully Punishment

Dan Abrams gives his take on a mother's public shaming and photo retouching in fashion magazines.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Jury's Out: Cosmo Photoshop Admission, Cyber Bully Punishment
The jury is out. We got some hot topics today. Firstyou probably heard about the controversy over magazines air brushing celebrities or models to headache them look thinner or model. One former "cosmo politan" editor says she did the reverse. Air brushing skinny models to make them look healthier and fatter. But when it comes to these types of magazines I don't have a problem with an air brush. I think, you know, you come to expect in this kind of magazine that's what cher's going to do. I disagree. Either way I don't like it when they -- keep it real. Keep it real. Whatever the person looks like, fine. I think it just sends the wrong message when you're doing either way either taking pounds off or putting them off. False advertisement. Can't we just accept that we don't believe these magazines are necessarily real? Yeah, but how do you tell that to a preteen girl? It appears how you're going to look like. Well, this is a way -- this is an idealistic way to look, you could argue, no? No. No difference between -- I know what you're saying, i mean, this is -- you know, the idea of high fashion is in part aspirational so it's -- it's to a degree it's like half make-believe, but if -- here's how you tell. Hey, preteens watching, it's not true. But, see, that's the way to do it. That's right. You tell them, this isn't real by the way and they air brush. Anyway, twitter, photo shopping sh models, how about letting them actually be thinner and -- the man says magazines such as "cosmo" are harmless fantasy for people to believe what they choose to believe. This is not hard journalism. The punishment. A north carolina mom gave her teen daughter who had been cyberbullying, apparently a lot of discussion over this already, the girl was forced to pose with a note which reads "i made poor choices with social media. As punishment I'm selling my ipod and will donate the money to the charity beat bullying because bullying is wrong." Now some say the mom cyberbu cyberbullying her daughter. I have no problem. Have a hostage video of your kid. Come on. You can have the punishment. Make the kid give the money to charity. Call her in, make her apologize in person to the person she offended but what you're teaching the child is the technique is okay. I'm just not for it. Two wrongs don't make a right. Robin roberts, your thoughts. That's a way that, unfortunately, a lot of people communicate and gets the message across to them. In a perfect world, yes. All my dad had to do was clear his throat and we -- or raise his eyebrows, didn't have to do anything. I think sometimes we're quick to label things as bullying. The young woman did do that and the mother was -- and she also had nice things she said go her, my daughter is kind. It may be an effective way for the daughter to understand what she did. We just talked about how seriously cyberbullying needs to be taken and, well, let's be easy on them. I'm not saying be easy. Don't post a video on "good morning america." Cyberbullying, though. I just think it validates the technique. We have 1600 responses on this one. C carrie lynn walker "i think the mother was creative with her punishment and used it not only to teach her daughter a lesson but to set a good -- wift1. Cold, okay. Is it okay for a parent to publicly same a child, yes, 49%, no, 51%. Next the seattle seahawks playing in seattle sunday in the nfc championship game but now the team announced they will not be selling any tickets to buyers with a california address. Only addresses from washington, oregon, montana, idaho, alaska, hawaii, parts of canada. Can purchase the tickets. I didn't know they could do this stuff. Oh, oh, oh. You can't single out -- it's happening in denver. Happens in different sports. I did not know this. It happens -- please. It does happen. Listen, I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it. Is it soy that the fans from that team will have -- another team won't have as many cheering people. I mean, look, call up your buddy in montana and say buy me a couple for this game. What if you don't have a buddy? Find the poll -- I love it. Gamesmanship. It's like the real competitive -- seattle fans are -- they cause an earthquake. They can hang a sign we reserve the right to refuse anybody. It happens all the time. We shouldn't just say seattle. It happens in denver and other -- come on. They beat my saints so -- I'm not happy with them. On that one, we got lauren greenland says "why shouldn't the home stadium let their fans go first? 49ers WITH DIE IN THE SECONDARY Market like anyone." Your point. Apparently there is no secondary market. But michele asks "what if seahawks fan living in california?" That's why the jury is out. Thank you. Love the docket. Love what's on the dock. A lot on the docket. We'll move on now to one of the

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dan Abrams gives his take on a mother's public shaming and photo retouching in fashion magazines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21540175","title":"Jury's Out: Cosmo Photoshop Admission, Cyber Bully Punishment","url":"/GMA/video/jurys-cosmo-photoshop-admission-cyber-bully-punishment-21540175"}