Jury's Out With Dan Abrams: No Gift Birthday Party?

Mom puts "No Gifts" on daughter's birthday party invite.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for Jury's Out With Dan Abrams: No Gift Birthday Party?
We do see dan abrams here. That can mean only one thing. "The jury is out." Good morning, guys. Good to be back. First up on the docket, a mother who puts no gifts on her daughter's birthday party invite. As you can imagine, causing serious controversy. She says it means there is, quote, no need to try to figure out what some kid I barely know would want and possibly crowding their house with crap they don't care about. Furthermore, she says -- couldn't get all that on the invite. Exactly. It is tacky to put gift registries or requests for gifts on the invitations. He's right about the second. I don't think I agree with the reason for putting no gifts on. I'm in a no-gifts camp. No gifts. Scrooge stephanopoulos wants no gifts. They're having fun with their friends. You don't need to add to the affluenza we were talking about. In lieu of gifts, toys for tots. Don't give the gift to the child. I heard a lot of children love that. One birthday party we went to, everybody brought a packet of seeds and planted a garden together. It was really different. Give the kids a gift certificate. Let people figure it out later. Is it just me that thinks, it's a birthday? What do you mean no gifts? It's okay. You do a little bit of both. Depends on what age. She was 11. And registry -- 10, 11. I feel like 11's the right age to think about that. I have no problems for a registry for a birthday. For little kids? Depends on how little. You're such a tough guy. Father. Where did you go? People say -- let's go to social. I boycott any birthday party for a kid who set up a gift registry. Too much of our culture already sending the wrong message. From facebook, my son does a birthday and christmas registry with toys "r" us. He is aware that he will not get everything on it. But it does make life easier for the family. I don't know. No way. Kid registries, yeah. I don't like that. It's just getting what you want. Again, nice work on the music here. Thank you. Thank you very much. It's going to get louder as we keep talking. Next up on the docket, it turns out 80%, 80% of infections are transmitted by hands, according to the cdc. Is it time to start discouraging ha handshakes in the workplace? I was stunned when I saw this number. You're getting to me today. Why shouldn't major corporations start saying to people, let's start thinking about other ways. How about this -- nod. Fist-bumps. Even the elbow is better. When I came back from the transplant, I said I'm sorry, i can't. You feel like you're being rude. Even though I had an explanation. It seems 1,000 years down the road on the handshake, though? A lot of people are like that. I think there's something to be said there. I have no problem companies suggesting to employees, let's not -- you're not closing a deal, right? Wash your hands. John says, absolutely not. This country was built on handshakes. Next up, a story about a woman spending five years and $160,000 to get back a wedding band she bought for her then-husband is leading to new questions about the importance of men wearing wedding rings. My take, it is jewelry. If you do not want to wear it, you should not wear it. Man or woman. There should be no obligation. Says the single guy. Why is she spending $160,000. I don't know why she spent $160,000 to get it back. Legal fees. We'll talk about that later. That's talking about the beauty of being in the legal industry. Do you wear it? What would ali have said? I was going to say, the wife should have a say. 100%. I think it goes both ways, too. It's not just demanding or requiring or asking what the man does. I guess you would have to ask, what is the reason? Right. If you're doing it -- they don't like jewelry. Yes. But because you don't want -- is that so crazy? Again, we're down the road on the rings and the handshakes. We're sort of -- not really. There's no sense -- they're not the same. Nice try. Real quickly. If a man doesn't wear his wedding ring -- 43% said it's okay if he doesn't wear the wedding ring. 57% said no. I didn't get to the snuggle. I'll save that one. We're coming back with more. 8:27.

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{"id":21190765,"title":"Jury's Out With Dan Abrams: No Gift Birthday Party?","duration":"3:00","description":"Mom puts \"No Gifts\" on daughter's birthday party invite. ","url":"/GMA/video/jurys-dan-abrams-gift-birthday-party-21190765","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}