Jury's Out: Violent PG-13 Movies Push Ratings Boundaries

New study shows since 2009, PG-13 films contained as much violence as R-rated films.
6:02 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Jury's Out: Violent PG-13 Movies Push Ratings Boundaries
news, new york. It's time for "the jury's out." Dan abrams here. Good morning to all of you. On the docket, movie rates. Since 2009, pg-13-rated films have contained as much or more violence, as "r" rated films. But I don't think that rightly or wrongly, more parents care about nudity in films than violence. Wrong. Robin roberts? First of all, I agree. It i it's a shame we have to pick. Sex/violence. I asked on twitter. And by far, people are saying they have more of a problem with violence. Yeah. I'm -- if they're littler, i care more about the violence. My girls are getting a little older, and it's the nudity. Really? It probably does determine, the age of the child, too. I think the nudity makes parents more uncomfortable at the theater. If you're sitting next to your child -- yeah. I would think that's the one that's more uncomfortable. I hope that parents who have a problem with violence, also have a problem with the video games that are in their 12-year-old's bedroom, they are playing without -- also, a lot of nudity, as well. Those are many bo-feres. We can go for hours on end. Let's head to social on this. Jane, guns are worse. Nudity isn't deadly. It won't kill you or others. Healthy on facebook. Nudity, because I believe our kids are smart enough to not go out and be violent. We took a poll. What do you think is worse? 31% say sex is worse. 69% say violence. People have spoken. The people have spoken. I'm not sure that I buy it. I'm not wrong. I'm not wrong. Next up, a new building proposed in florida will hold parents criminally responsible who are not responsible for kids for cyber bullying. You have a gun not properly supervised. Parents can be held criminally responsible. Is it time to hold the parents criminally responsible? I agree with you on this. I think it's going too far to say we're going to hold parents criminally responsible for the actions of their kids. How about on a case-by-case basis. The bullying is discouraged. And if it's proven they could have prevented the bullying from happening. I think the bullying is a reflection of the parenting involved. And if you could stop it -- that's the problem. That is a problem. But again, I would argue those are the sorts of things our legal system should be used for, rather than a catch-all. Did you tell us how you feel? I think it goes too far. We can't start holding parents criminally responsible for what kids are doing on their lab laptops. A case-by-case? I think we need a line in the sand. The line can't be to say criminal responsibility for parents on cyber bullying. There's people out there that disagree. Let's go to twitter. Adie bishop, yes. Parents should stop blaming tv and video games. Parents can't know what kids are doing 24/7, without know limiting their ability to grow into adults. A "wall street journal" opinion piece asking whether we're letting our kids too easily quit activities like dance, or piano, or sports, that they decide they don't like. I have to admit guilt on this one. That I was taking my -- you have a tiny baby. I'm taking my infant son to swim class. And he starts screaming. Every time we get to the pool, he starts screaming his head off. My kid needs to know how to learn how to swim. I quit the class. Really? Really. All right. I absolutely believe, no quitting. If you agree to be on a team, if you agree to start taking a lesson -- I don't know. You have to see it through to the end. My parents did a compromise. You had to take all four kids. We had to take piano lessons to a certain age. Then, at that point, it became optional. You couldn't quit at the beginning. You couldn't quit at the beginning. I ran outside and started playing. My sister, dorothy, is a great pianist, and we hate because she stayed playing the piano. We did have to do it for a while. Can't quit at the beginning. And you can't quit everything. You stop doing fencing, you have to stick -- you quit one. And fine, you have to do soccer. I like that. You want to do, you're going to do it. Do it to the end. Not just stop when it gets hard. I would not have wanted to play the piano. But it was wonderful. Parents have to push you a LITTLE BIT.rJez YOU ALLOW HEM TO BE Quitters as kids, they'll be quitters. You're a parent, not a dictatdictator. I want to get in the last one real quick. Ben affleck, professional geek, kevin smith, said he got a glimpse of the new batman costume. He said for a comic book fan, it was mind-bending. Probably more like the old adam west look. Rather than the new sleeker look. Can we put up -- thank you. I am a big fan of the old adam west look. Me, too. The tighty whitey version of it. I think ben's going to be in better shape. Yeah. That will help. I like the sleek. I know one fellow in brazil probably likes the adam west. That was to sam. You go online, you, too, can see sam champion. All we're saying.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"New study shows since 2009, PG-13 films contained as much violence as R-rated films.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20874457","title":"Jury's Out: Violent PG-13 Movies Push Ratings Boundaries ","url":"/GMA/video/jurys-violent-pg-13-movies-push-ratings-boundaries-20874457"}