Bieber Will Take Paternity Test

The pop star says he will take a DNA test to prove he did not father a child.
2:47 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Bieber Will Take Paternity Test
-- Bieber is fighting back we just saw I think MTV awards in Europe and his team is -- It'll take a DNA tests admitted he gets back to the states to prove he did not become a father after hooking -- with a group -- backstage. But his accusers not backing down either NBC's medical. Good morning to you George Will Justin Bieber dominated the MTV Europe awards show last night walking away with best pop act awards in best male award. Now there's no -- the -- -- and huge fans in Europe and well now he says he's ready to answer some serious allegations made by one American fans. -- provided abundant evidence. My attorney has been emotional in court. To prove that -- allegations are true. Nor I -- is speaking out for the first time telling the insider what happened that night she says Justin Bieber got her pregnant and then only Cox's. Turn has been bathroom. -- is -- whole demeanor changed. He'll McFadden. Kitten -- she known. Two. Just more aggressive this is her baby now three months old. But hitter has come under scrutiny for a checkered past. She was accused of domestic violence after an incident with an ex boyfriend whom she also accused of bothering the same baby. Meanwhile -- who has denied the allegations -- across the pond at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Where he made only a passing reference to the scandal brewing in the states. The -- girlfriend ND EMA host Selena Gomez along with pop princess Katy Perry alluded to the young star's troubles. -- -- -- -- -- My son. Yeah. Rumors surfaced last week that Gomez and Bieber had split but from the looks of these new photos the couple is still going strong for his part beaver claims that he has never even met -- TMZ is reporting he'll prove it when he returns to the US by taking a DNA test. And then suing her of the results come -- showing he is not the father. From his point of view it's -- and no lose situation if it turns out that it's not his kid. This woman is going to be in a world of hurt. Now many in law enforcement believe that even if -- acre -- prove her allegations against -- she could still face serious charges of statutory rape. Since she was twenty when the incident took place in Justin was sixteen the full interview with -- airs tonight on the insider national center -- gave it will be back. In the states along with deeper into that this could backfire for the accuser turns -- that Israel.

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{"id":14895815,"title":"Bieber Will Take Paternity Test","duration":"2:47","description":"The pop star says he will take a DNA test to prove he did not father a child.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-beiber-paternity-test-baby-allegations-14895815","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}