How Justin Beiber Turned His Life Around

The pop-star's manager describes how the icon worked hard to shake the perceived "bad boy" image.
2:59 | 12/26/15

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Transcript for How Justin Beiber Turned His Life Around
? what do you mean ? That's Justin Bieber, the one and only singing "What do you mean." What did his manager mean when he said he feared for the singer's life. Some scary stuff. Learning what happened when Bieber hit rock bottom and how he turned his life around. Rachel is here with more. Good morning, guys. There was once a time when it seemed Justin Bieber couldn't escape getting into trouble. Now scooter Braun, the man responsible for plucking the singer from obscurity on youtube and shooting him to stardom is opening up about how dark those days were for the young star. He's the boy with a golden voice. ? Though I can't be the only one ? Reporter: Turned platinum superstar. ? I'll be in platinum I'll be in silver and gold ? Reporter: With a tarnished record. This year Justin Bieber is polishing his reputation rehabilitating his imaging and apologizing to his loyal beliebers. Is it too late now to say sorry. Reporter: Manager scooter Braun telling "The New York times" that people don't realize just how bad the situation was two years ago. He wanted to tour and honestly at that time felt if he toured he could die. The megasuperstar couldn't seem to stay out of league trouble. Don't ask me again. Reporter: From egging his neighbor's home to a DUI arrest in Miami which led to a night behind bars. His life was kind of spinning out of control and it was about everything but the music. Reporter: The once fan favorite pushing the bad boy image far enough to be booed offstage at a fashion event. Reporter: But less than a year later making an emotional comeback at the 2015 VMAs. Well -- Reporter: Now his latest album "Purpose" smashing records beating out the beatles for the most songs on the hot 100 at one time. We finally saw it turn around when he came out with a great song, a great album and his fans responded in kind. Reporter: Whatever fans or critics may think -- ? what do you mean ? Reporter: It looks as though the biebs is back. ? You don't want me to nortel me to go ? He is back, folks, on a great momentum and ending 2015 on a charitable note. Justin urging his UK fans to knock his single "Love yourself" out of the charts since purchases go to british charities and guess what, guys, it actually happened so the singer tweeting for one week it's okay not to be number one. So, good job. Breaking Justin Bieber news. You were telling us he sort of found religion. He did. So maybe that's a part of this new side of Bieber that we are seeing and hopefully will continue when he's on his purpose tour. I want to know what happened to the monkeys. Oh, Cecilia. You had to bring up the

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The pop-star's manager describes how the icon worked hard to shake the perceived \"bad boy\" image.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35957040","title":"How Justin Beiber Turned His Life Around","url":"/GMA/video/justin-beiber-turned-life-35957040"}