Is Justin Bieber Batman's New Sidekick?

Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing in pop news this week.
2:04 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Is Justin Bieber Batman's New Sidekick?
Does ben affleck have a side kik in justin bieber? That is the business burning up the internet. The biebs posted this on the internet. He hash tagged it, robin. Many fans of batman up in arms making it clear. They're not interested in him plazing boy wonder. The only things that can defeat superman are kryptonite, ben affleck, and putting justin bieber in the movie. The reward. High risk, high reward. A long time coming for actor bob newhart. Can you believe he's never won an emmy? The 84-year-old finally did. He took home his first emmy award for a guest-starring role on "the big bang theory." He got a standing "o" at the ceremony. His incredible career spans over five decades. He says this is my shot at this. That is hard to believe. I want him on the show asap. Love him. Maybe we'll bring him to breakfast. I can't wait for you the meet my guest. And finally, the latest trend in canine couture. Hair extensions for your pooch. It's happening. They cost about $25. They're colorful attachments made of feathers. All kinds of options available. I like that one. Zebra, multicolors, you name it. They're called poochie plumes. They can be left in for six weeks at a time. No dogs were injured because there is no glue. The dogs are doing everything dha to get rid of that. No, thoue dogs are all smiling. They love the hair extensions. Right before you put them in fur coats and slippers. That is "pop news." Let's get back to sam in

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{"id":20267062,"title":"Is Justin Bieber Batman's New Sidekick?","duration":"2:04","description":"Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing in pop news this week.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-bieber-batmans-sidekick-20267062","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}