First 'Idol' Runner-Up Guarini Admits Financial Struggles

The singer writes in a blog "I have spent days skipping meals in order to make sure I have enough."
2:13 | 08/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First 'Idol' Runner-Up Guarini Admits Financial Struggles
We move to justin guarini. He had millions of fans and a bright future after finishing second in the first "american idol." But after the spotlight faded, the former heartthrob admits he has had his share of hard times. Nick watt has the story. ♪ Reporter: More than 20 million americans watched justin guarini duke it out with kelly clarkson in the first-ever "american idol" final, back in 2002. Kelly clarkson. Reporter: Clarkson took the crown and is now a megastar. Three grammys, $20 million in record sales. ♪ What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪ ♪ stronger ♪ Reporter: And justin guarini? In a blog post, he confesses i have spent days skipping meals in order to make sure I have enough, to make sure my children and my wife have enough. What? This is a guy who shared top billing with clarkson in a movie, "from justin to kelly." Friends of yours? Not exactly. Reporter: But he says there's not a fan in sight. It's rare for a celebrity to admit that he's in pain. He's not as successful as people imagine. Fame and riches do not necessarily go hand in hand. Reporter: Now, a married father of two, guarini writes, there was a time when I could have thrown down cash for a house. Now, I rent a home filled with love. Reality show fame can be fleeting. Anna nardona vanquished justin timberlake in 1982. Timberlake, he has money to buy suits and ties. As for guarini, now an aspiring actor, it's not all bad news. He's about to play a supporting role in "romeo and juliet" on broadway. On his love, guarini says he only triggers dim memories for fans. Maybe not anymore. His blog got so much attention, apparently his website crashed. For "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":19979094,"title":"First 'Idol' Runner-Up Guarini Admits Financial Struggles","duration":"2:13","description":"The singer writes in a blog \"I have spent days skipping meals in order to make sure I have enough.\"","url":"/GMA/video/justin-guarini-interview-2013-idol-runner-guarini-admits-19979094","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}