Timberlake Takes Marine to Ball

A marine sent the musician a YouTube invitation to the Marine Corps ball.
1:40 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Timberlake Takes Marine to Ball
Out of that Cinderella story for the YouTube generation last summer marine went online can buy Justin Timberlake to their corps' annual ball and this weekend her dream came true. In bow -- and -- Timberlake brought corporal Kelsey Desantis took her Marine Corps ball in Virginia on Saturday. Donald Duck and Canada right Korvotney if he can't -- I -- It is premiers -- in. No need for tears after Kelsey posted this in -- on YouTube last summer. Timberlake was a good sport and had a good time Saturday. They made me feel so welcome there he wrote on his web site. We -- and took photos and -- in May jokes we even danced a little corporal Desantis isn't the only lucky marine to corral -- Hollywood star. And -- its contracts got -- she got the idea after Sargent Scott Moore asked Timberlake Friends With Benefits costar Mila -- to be his -- -- second -- about it back. I've -- nudged by Justin mile accepted. It needs to go down this needs to happen to you for your country did it for you. That ball -- later this week in North Carolina as for Johnson he said he was honored to be invited. I felt so proud to be -- thank you corporal Kelsey Desantis banking for inviting me and thank you for being my hero. I don't see the beautiful he doesn't it was great to play for the next.

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{"id":14947033,"title":"Timberlake Takes Marine to Ball","duration":"1:40","description":"A marine sent the musician a YouTube invitation to the Marine Corps ball.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-timberlake-accompanies-marine-coprs-ball-14947033","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}