Conn. Teen Returning Home After Family's Court Battle

Justina Pelletier's parents lost custody of their daughter after rejecting her psychiatric diagnosis.
5:00 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for Conn. Teen Returning Home After Family's Court Battle
This is a loving family who waited for this day. And even though it's exciting and thrilling there is a tinge of a bittersweet element here. And here's to bittersweet element. Sixteen months ago. Before Justine it was unjustly taken she was ice skating. She was walking. Now just -- it cannot walk. Sixteen months ago Justine it was reading at a seventh grade level. Now the -- is just got the tests back it said about -- first grade level. -- it was not allowed to go to church for fifteen months. Could only see her family one hour a week. This past Mother's Day. Could not even -- Linda face to face on Mother's Day. We are not here to bash DC after Massachusetts. But we are here to say this. -- things. First the ball it is parents and family. That know what is best for their children -- that government entities reports. Parents know best. Families. Know best. And we can see that when Justine it was with a -- -- you could see what her life with light. And meeting with secretary a lot of what's over the last few weeks and mr. pond who is the direct hearsay and how well Justine is doing. And you know what they attributed that to. Spending. Time -- -- her family. The second important thing and and this is the second phase of what the pilot -- will be doing. First the ball Justine and needs their care love and support. They will surround her -- -- for the past sixteen months and loving care for her. But they are committed to ensure. That this in -- -- never happens to another family in America again. That the sixteen months. The nightmare. The tragedy the crying the weeping the financial ruin. Never happens again. To a single family and I want to tell you. The second tragedy of Justine appellate here I wish I could show you my cell -- I wish Jennifer or -- or Lou. The calls we have gotten from people all across the country. Who are experiencing. Similar things. So number one through a hundred. Get just -- well. But then after that. I think you'll see the Pelletier is be strong advocates. And take positive steps. And proactive steps. To ensure. That -- tragedy never happens again. I want to thank JRI. Mr. pond for being there -- Who -- over here also sees I think -- assistant director. And then shot at Lewis the director of all Connecticut. He's just been another -- to me -- talk to -- daily. Every other day he would sit that they -- we're working on at this is crazy. We're gonna get her back. -- is just been amazing to me and to our family he sat down with All My Children. And I want to -- I want to also thank the staff here everybody on -- that here at JRI. Has gone out and helped us. Smiles on their base which I've not seen until just -- -- got here like I was grumpy smiles and false accusations. In my head. -- my life is turned around also. Because -- see the positive -- people. And not the negative and being threatened and -- that I do this than that which I didn't even do. It's been really nice to see -- nice facility. Helping me and helping our family. And I want to thank everybody that has helped. The press. Common the families that have been out there on the Internet. And making phone calls or doing whatever they need to be -- from the bottom of my heart because I do thank them -- that wasn't for them. I would've got my daughter back either. Well I just want to thank everybody and I am just so grateful that today has finally come. Going to be a long haul for -- dean -- to get better like I'm pat Mahoney does that just is not walking. She's in a wheelchair had never ever been close to being in a wheelchair. There's quite a few different things going on with her so we -- Try to get -- a baseline and that's going to be a big job. I want to thank everybody for everything.

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{"id":24191948,"title":"Conn. Teen Returning Home After Family's Court Battle","duration":"5:00","description":"Justina Pelletier's parents lost custody of their daughter after rejecting her psychiatric diagnosis.","url":"/GMA/video/justina-pelletier-returning-home-after-family-court-battle-24191948","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}