'JWOWW' Plays 'Kiss, Marry, Ditch'

The star is asked to choose between "The Situation," Vinny and Joe Pesci.
2:01 | 07/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'JWOWW' Plays 'Kiss, Marry, Ditch'
Ritual long long happy life with Roger books and we didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- can't literally just in case it doesn't you know and now I'm four. She -- this man. Hop. Artists do we have three Jersey bush Korea. This is where there's a situation -- On this massive asset right now you can into the what what what kind of possibly tell you about this that you don't already that. There are three Jersey and you're gonna choose once again -- non recessionary and -- to -- Phillies -- can tolerate and clean person I'm. And then RR added addition Joseph Pesci you -- Andy what's -- -- do with the video over illegal Appel who. So -- just -- -- With with no further -- knows -- -- the tests. I think I Odyssey things -- Desires a case. Because he's a love in his life. -- Some really really really good and out of -- that's been at least not -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How to marry somebody. I would may Benny just because I love the Stanley I don't necessarily like -- -- I'm. But still vigilant -- -- that I old married for his mom his mom's kind I don't just. I'm gonna lose -- Well you know I really feel like he can hang yeah. Cleared out from bank of home you -- resilient you -- its -- to -- -- I'm gonna get. Her -- yeah. Please and I loved to snub he has.

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{"id":16888832,"title":"'JWOWW' Plays 'Kiss, Marry, Ditch'","duration":"2:01","description":"The star is asked to choose between \"The Situation,\" Vinny and Joe Pesci.","url":"/GMA/video/jwoww-plays-kiss-marry-ditch-jersey-shore-cast-16888832","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}