Kansas College Student Still Missing

The last anyone heard from Aisha Khan was a phone call to her sister.
2:26 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kansas College Student Still Missing
Do you Begin with the latest on the search for that missing Kansas college student. That phone call you just heard was the last anyone heard. From my -- -- NBC's Andrea canning through the story. Good morning -- you said at this really is a mystery. Because police have so few clues as to what really happened to -- Asia Conn they're officially calling this a missing persons case. But they are acting on the assumption she was abducted. 65 law enforcement officers are now searching for -- including the FBI. They're the chilling last words from Kansas college student Aisha -- -- struck -- Hot -- Ever -- -- at the nineteen year old devout Muslim left this message for her sister after what's believed to be a terrifying encounter. I am I right now in the voice -- -- said she was assaulted by an -- She hit him and he ran away when -- didn't answer her phone her family began looking for her. We went straight to school that I knew I knew where -- studies on -- That's the first -- -- went. Cons cousin found her books and cell phone on the picnic table she didn't do anything about her phone. Her and leaving stuff there -- like that is not her ex cons family has been searching along with the police and is now offering a 101000 dollar reward. It's just been -- -- homeland soon. That's all frequent and there has -- an outpouring of support from the Muslim community. It's -- -- was married in July her husband spoke for the first time at a police press conference Monday afternoon. To bring my -- back to home set. Good really different to everyone knows how to bring us the community did everywhere and I -- -- live back. -- -- -- -- I can't eat it up -- -- -- -- get a -- but. Police say at this time they have no reason to consider -- husband a suspect or person of interest. They admit they have no leads right now some construction workers and a professor saw woman believed to be -- walking on campus. That's last time anyone saw and as you said all the words and then. In that phone -- sound like she is terrified -- her tone is pretty flat she found them -- com which is very bizarre there's been a lot of theories floating around out there about what this could be.

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{"id":15195612,"title":"Kansas College Student Still Missing","duration":"2:26","description":"The last anyone heard from Aisha Khan was a phone call to her sister.","url":"/GMA/video/kansas-college-student-aisha-khan-missing-assaulted-15195612","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}