Kanye West Gifts Taylor Swift the 'Coolest Flowers'

Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories in "GMA" Pop News.
3:40 | 09/06/15

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Transcript for Kanye West Gifts Taylor Swift the 'Coolest Flowers'
news." Ron's playing the coffee cup there, what you got? The dysfunctional family is back together. More everyday that Taylor swift and Kanye west have no more bad blood between them. I got that. You got that. Taylor shared this photo on her Twitter account, Kanye just sent these flowers. But some jokingly asking whether those flowers were clipped from that massive rose wall he ordered you can find her at abcnews.com/fixer. Coming up on "Good morning America" -- Taylor swift off the present that Kanye west sent to her after video music awards. But, the question, does it look familiar? Judge for yourself. With the one Andy Sara Ines in op news. Toevere psoriis de a Sime trip to the gcery STO anhing butimple. So fall, I D an portant nversati th my deatologis abouhumira.inde my Bo to tart and he block a specif source flmation tt coributes my sympms. In cnical trls, mostdults W 75% sk clearan. And the jority we clear almo clear just 4 mths. Hura can ler your ility to fig infectis, incling tubeulosis. Serious,ometimesatal inctions a cancers got nothing on us. It doesn't take that long to grow a mustache, people. You can select your -- You like your an early president of the United States. I like that. Which one? Yours is like a biker's mustache, I think. Mine is so long. It's itching, Sara? It is. Now for a bird who's making our hearts sing, this clever bird is happy to play backup singer to Nelly's "Dilemma." ? I love you ? ? oh ? That was Paula. ? Love you ? No matter what I do all I think about is you ? ? I'm crazy ? Extremely talented. I have actually a surprise for you. We have a "Good morning America" exclusive. A project coming out in March. Take a look. ? Baby baby baby ? Yes, Sara's pregnant. I did it! ? Baby baby baby ? And guess what it is it's a boy! ? Baby baby ? We're so happy for you, Sara. Can you imagine a more proud mom than Sara Haines. Look at this. Can we get a close-up of this. ABC "Good morning America." If your little baby. This is my first onesie. This isn't for you. I had no idea. That's so awesome. We have been waiting so long for this. I know. So have my parents. Congratulations. Thank you. We'll be updating this story all of the way through March and beyond.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33569312","title":"Kanye West Gifts Taylor Swift the 'Coolest Flowers'","url":"/GMA/video/kanye-west-gifts-taylor-swift-coolest-flowers-33569312"}