Kanye West Reportedly Under 'Constant Watch for His Safety'

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:58 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Kanye West Reportedly Under 'Constant Watch for His Safety'
Time for the big board breaking down more of the top stories. Dan Abrams here at the table and we'll get to your story in just a moment. First let's start with Kanye west. The rapper canceling his tour and hospitalized last week for exhaustion. Now, "People" magazine is reporting west is under, quote, constant watch for his safety. "People's" executive editor Kate Coyne joins us with details. A lot of concern here. What can you tell us? You know, I think it's right for people to be concerned. We're entering into a full week now that Kanye west has been hospitalized. I think that tells you first and foremost this is more than exhaustion. Sources are telling us he's grappling with paranoia. That they are trying to figure out a course of medication that may help. But that there's still very many unanswered questions at this time and it's an ongoing struggle. And his wife, Kim Kardashian, she already has two young kids at home she needs to worry about and needs to worry about this. How is she handling all this. She's also, of course, still dealing with the trauma of what happened to her in Paris so in the wake of all this, she is not bringing the kids to see Kanye in the hospital which I think is actually kind of understandable. You know, it could be very traumatic especially for their daughter north to see their dad in a hospital room in a hospital bed. So she's keeping them away for now. But it remains to be seen how much longer he's even going to be in the hospital. His birthday is coming up on December 5th. We're thinking of both. The latest issue of "People" magazine is out this Friday if you want to read more on that story. Up next, a heated debate about random drug testing. An Indiana school board is facing backlash for a measure that requires certain high school students to concept to surprise screening. And we sat down and you said, boy, we have a debate going on here. A lot of parents, this is dividing the community. A lot of them feel like this is invasion of privacy. Others think it's fair. It was a 3-2 vote and definitely legal, right. The reason it's legal is because you're talking about extracurricular activities and students who park on campus. Those are the ones who are subject to the random drug screenings. The supreme court weighed in on this in 1995 and said it's okay to test kids playing sports in 2002. They said it's okay to test kids more broadly involved in extracurricular activities. Whether it's a good idea is a separate issue from whether it's legal. And it actually exists in about half the schools in end that right now. Almost -- so if you want to play sports I have to do this but if I don't play sports -- If you don't engage in extracurricular activities. This is why it's a bad idea. I think if you say to people if you engage in extracurricular activities you're suddenly subject to drug testing. What does that mean, that means some kid also say, you know what, I just won't do extracurricular activities. There 'also the ability to cheat on these tests and there's also the fact that these testing isn't effective. The American academy of pediatrics is strongly coming out against it. That's one side. We got two dads here. We got two moms on the board as well. Dan is fired up. Becky wants to weigh in. I'll jump in here because at the high cool in our town they breath lyze at the school dances and that makes sense to me when they're breath lyzing for alcohol. Now, as a parent my philosophy is a lot like U.S. Foreign policy, trust but verify. But that's my responsibility as a parent. I don't want an organization necessarily doing that for my kid and maybe having it on their record. That's true. How about you, Kate? I'm coming down somewhere in the middle. I have two boys who are approaching adolescence in just a few years and for me at this point anything that serves as a potential deterrent if this testing proves to have that impact to deter people as opposed to just punish them after the fact, has a sort of appeal to me. I can see the allure to something that would scare my kids off of maybe going a little too far on the weekends. I'm with Kate on that one. I like that. I just -- I was the subject of random drug testing as an athlete. Come over here right now and you -- if you do the right things you have nothing to worry about. I don't want them punished for a mistake that sticks with them for the rest of their lives but I do agree with Kate if there's something to deter them. The remedy is surprised to be counseling. They can cheat and there's also the argument that marijuana, for example, is much more detectable than harder drugs so could actually encourage kids -- anyway, a lot of stuff. You know how we feel here so at home we'd love to hear you weigh in as well. Now to what could be one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season, drones and cue the drone. Yeah. But there is a new report out this morning in that is a tiny drone. Sounding the alarm bells about the rise of drone jackings where hackers literally take over the device. Becky, you are our expert on this. I know this was a gift for your twins last holiday season so tell us more about this. What do you think? We've heard stories of drones taken out by annoyed neighbors with a shotgun but this report predicts we'll see a drone taken over by hackers, using a laptop, software, directionalized antenna. You have one in the studio. You have a flying computer basically but I think before parents freak out that the kid's holiday toy will be poached out of thin air think Amazon drone. They anticipate it will start with high HIV end stuff, maybe aerial photography tore law enforcement but I have an image of it carrying a package and it's like a pinata for a sophisticated thief. Forget about walking into somebody's door and taking a package. They literally hijack your drone. No drone zone I say. So -- Easier to grab it off the porch. Does anybody here have a drone on the Christmas list? No, I'm actually really thrilled by this report because I had crossed it off my list already and now I feel fully vindicated. I wasn't getting one because I was convinced my boys would smash it within the first 48 hours which they would have and now it's like, great, hacking. Another reason not to do it. As a mom you're always justified, Kate. You're a mom. Exactly. They really would have destroyed it in about 48 hours. How do the twins like the drones from last Christmas, Becky? Kate's hit the nail on the hid except half as much. It was trashed by the end of the Christmas day. Wow. Going to be on your Christmas tree. Absolutely not. In particularly I don't want my neighbors to have them. Yeah, I mean I don't want it but that's the more important to me than not on my -- I had a neighbor who had one. Wasn't a good neighborly thing to have. That's quiet. Waiting to see how close he can get to Strahan. There, I caught it. Coming up in two minutes the

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43867489","title":"Kanye West Reportedly Under 'Constant Watch for His Safety'","url":"/GMA/video/kanye-west-reportedly-constant-watch-safety-43867489"}