Karen Gravano Dishes on 'Mob Wives,' Her New Book

Sammy "The Bull" Gravano's daughter details experience as a child of the mob.
3:53 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Karen Gravano Dishes on 'Mob Wives,' Her New Book
-- -- joins us now thank you for coming in -- this is a fascinating look inside. This world you had growing up and he describes a mafia princess the some hints about the dark side pretty early on tells the story about. Going up your father's bedroom one night asking your twelve asking for a sleepover. Yeah I wanted to have -- -- of land on my thought I had come home when he was in around and the dollars to shut slightly. And as -- pushed the door -- -- seen -- -- gun into the back of his pants. And -- the next day. And the front and a payback -- -- someone outside his -- -- and let you know at the time you don't think as a child that your parents. Or your father is responsible for that. Within a little farther along. Do -- you learn so much your father does come to you and say that he's going to do something he can't imagine. He's going to be he's -- turn on his bosses. And you learn that he's murdered nineteen people yes he's laughing nineteen -- yes including your uncle your mom's brother didn't. Yet as you write about it seems that -- almost as upset by the betrayal. As you are by the murders. Materialized because I was a world that I grew up then. And that -- you never cooperate you know -- -- town. So it to me he was just be trying everything I've ever believed -- and -- -- understand until later in life you killed your mom's brother. He was involved in that yes and that. To be honest when I study -- -- look back I had to. Realize what that life is about. You know and I had a really at an understanding of human thought I was clap rating I just understood that this was my life my friends' -- -- this is -- -- -- -- So it took me awhile to actually go through I was very hurt when -- -- clapping and I was very you know and I found out on the about things Americans in south but it took me awhile to really. Understand that lifestyle. And now you are convinced that what he did first was worse than than the trail. I think -- life that he chose. This battle malaria I mean I think people look at that might sound -- see the glitz the glamour and they're attracted to it there's a dark side and it took me on time to realize -- the dark -- was. As you know your father's victims of -- of your father's victims are still very upset -- from this they don't want to profit grant from this book one of them lord Rolf elicits familiar. Profiting from the crimes. Your -- profiting from your crimes and another one result Massa -- -- hear what she said she said her brother was killed. My brother was killed by Sammy -- he was killed again when he wrote his book and now he's being killed a third time. Her book they say it's blood money it's. My story and -- commit the crimes. This is a lifestyle that all these men chose so they knew it there -- getting involved and and not taking away I think the families of victims I think we're all victims like you just that I lost a family member to this -- them. So I'm profiting off of my life I'm not. Profiting off of the crimes -- -- -- they're guilty about the you don't think it's blood money. Each and every single one of them -- to right. You know -- and -- it's my eight version of my life and I'm telling a story and I really -- -- shed light on a lifestyle that is so glamorized if people look. And there you know they're in treatment that there is a -- and when you read the book here realize that I'm not. Clark I don't glamorize in the book I think that's right you say you want you don't want your daughter to follow in this but -- the -- do them. To show us something totally different Palin leave -- -- about -- the show it was showing the aftermath of what the women and children go through. And you know we kind of got caught up in fighting and bickering and arguing and you know -- the moment but I think now after air. You know we're in a couple of seasons just sad to see the women and we do -- -- sending enough hard and if -- died and I'm not proud of the things that happened on TV but it is you know why am I came -- -- that caught up in the moment. But a rate of put that behind me -- -- -- -- focusing on I wanna come back to me like I wanna stay here and I'm a businesswoman. You know -- all the years of things that had been. I was a businesswoman and that's -- -- examining get back involved in -- -- asking airlines it's out of focus on the positive good luck with that -- -- -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15584240,"title":"Karen Gravano Dishes on 'Mob Wives,' Her New Book","duration":"3:53","description":"Sammy \"The Bull\" Gravano's daughter details experience as a child of the mob.","url":"/GMA/video/karen-gravano-dishes-mob-wives-book-15584240","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}