Kate Middleton Caught in Topless Photo Scandal

Royals plan lawsuit against French magazine that publish photos of the Duchess.
3:00 | 09/15/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Caught in Topless Photo Scandal
half hour, with the royals royally peeved at the palace this morning. Will and kate feeling violated and now feeling litigious, suing the french magazine that published the shots of the duchess. This as another magazine plans to publish the pictures this morning. Reena ninan is covering the story. Reporter: None of the british newspapers chose to run any of the images. But the headlines in today's "daily mirror" pretty much sums up prince william's feelings. I won't let kate suffer like my mother. William and kate touring the rain forest of borneo. Where half the world away, those topless photos gone global. An italian magazine has porched and will publish more photos next week. The palace striking back and striking fast. Launching legal proceedings against the french tabloid magazine that published the photos of kate sunbathing on a private balcony. Abc news has chosen not to show those images. The et tore of the magazine suggested there's more photos to come. Photos she says were too personal to run. Friday was kate's first public appearance at a mosque. So similar to princess diana, in egypt back in 1992. But it's this similarity of furious prince william doesn't want repeated. Bob woodruff is traveling with the royal couple. There's no public indication on how william and kate feel. But as they continue on this tour, what we know for sure is that their blood is just boiling. Reporter: A similar reaction in london. Poor girl will be afraid to take her socks off anywhere she goes now. Reporter: And the french editor who published the photos says, don't blame her. The couple was tanning on to a public road where thousands of cars pass. The question is more about security than media frenzy. A court proceeding is set to take place in france on monday. And it's likely we'll learn the identity of who that photographer was who owns the rights to these images. Bianna? Thank you. Abc news royal contributor, victoria arbiter joins us for more on this scandal. E palace moved so quickly to file this lawsuit. Does this speak to how angry they are right now? It really does. The palace moved at lightning speed. And that speaks volumes about william in particular to put an end to this. And to send a clear message, which the statement did. We're learning that this italian magazine is planning to publish pictures later this week. In a way, it's good that william and kate have moved so fast. Hopefully they'll be in time to put a stop to it. There's a chance they will? There really is a chance. Everything is in favor of william and kate. They were at a private residence, on a private holiday. They believed themselves to be sunbathing completely privately. Paparazzi were hiding in the bushes. And the french have strong privacy rules. So, they have grounds to really put an end to this. And not to blame kate at all. But given that she is probably the most photographed woman in the world, and she has done no wrong, since she's come to the public light. Do you think she was wise to walk outside bearing it all? I think what happened has been a very harsh lesson. And perhaps it was a little naive to think as such a high-profile couple they were entirely alone. Having said that, there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. They were staying at a family member's house. There was, perhaps, the full sense of security. But it's a lesson learned in probably the cruelest way. And how about the damage control the palace is taken right now, since we just had this incident with harry here in the states. Now, we're seeing this happen. I think, really, the different approach to this because with harry, yes, it was very stupid. But he knew that those photographs were being taken. With william and kate, it is a total different breach of privacy. It's an invasion of their privacy. As damage control, they're sending a clear message to say this will not be tolerated moving forward. We won't stand for it. Prince william standing up for his wife and defending her? William really he witnessed firsthand what overzealous photographers can do. You have to look to his mother. He is protective. And he will take that stand moving forward. Great to have you on set with us. Now, the other morning's top

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Royals plan lawsuit against French magazine that publish photos of the Duchess.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17243723","title":"Kate Middleton Caught in Topless Photo Scandal","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-caught-topless-photo-scandal-17243723"}