Kate Middleton Judges Shoe-Design Contest

Duchess of Cambridge gives students a chance to design shoes for her to wear.
10:21 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Judges Shoe-Design Contest
-- is hailed around the world as a fashion icon and now some very. Lucky students will have her eye she will be the judge of the shoe design competition at a university in England and ABC's inability weakening here. -- the story. It's no secret that Kate Middleton has great -- -- Its he has planted her heals normally in the and next week while joining the queen on the first leg of her jubilee tour the -- will be heading to Leicester England. We're still be presented with custom made shoes sketches from six lucky design students at demographers university. The issue she is Alexis her favorite design will then be put into production -- a pair will be given to her as a gift. For these six designers they're gonna have a real Cinderella moment. When -- no one's -- another name and then next they are going to -- global sensations so what exactly qualifies the -- to judge in this competition what the reason bandage dress she wore to meet the First Lady sold at a rate of one per minute lights camera action. Even started turning -- heads when she and William hit Tinseltown last summer for Reese Witherspoon gushed about selecting the right ensemble to -- to meet the judges on Allen. And at the turn on that -- -- now that I think it's so. It's so nice now I'd hate to see someone who has such -- composure and carries herself so beautiful -- and Hathaway says she's a fan. Check out this stunning Sarah Burton number she -- just months after the royal wedding. Does a designer's name sound familiar could even Angelina Joseph Levy taking cues from -- Savvy bloggers have notice it and his hair appear softer. And then there's a show -- his personality Julie -- Sunday's Oscars. Royal watchers say it's mighty similar to look we creation Kate -- back in December. Celebrities act totally taking notice of what Kate -- he had. She's someone who looks perfect for every single occasion so who will be the designer of the next Kate approved creation. Let's take a look at who's in the running tab with the -- -- selected and -- in pink palace similar to the new pump skate frequently Florence. Samsung feels that he wanted to make them cool and sexy shoot for a formal occasion. While K and change opted for a brighter colors. Summer Spencer issues -- pattern inspired by prince -- potable arms the tartan fabric and not to the time the couple spent studying in Scotland. 2012. -- the year of the dragon and also the inspiration behind me to -- its fiery foot work. And -- -- -- -- hunt show stopping sapphire heels were modeled after fashions of the nineteenth century. And Kate's famous engagement ring haven't said -- -- is this Sheila and she definitely designed this year that not only is interest staying but it's something that you could actually see Kate Middleton wearing. All the time so who -- the -- think we'll be -- you win. And we'll have to wait until next week to find out. Now don't worry the university hasn't forgotten about the -- -- will be presented with a picture of a -- -- drawn by elementary school student and they do what they get an F 3-D image of himself driving a horse and carriage but back to the issues. I have to say the sapphire actions I think musical. But the range of one anthrax -- again I think you.

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{"duration":"10:21","description":"Duchess of Cambridge gives students a chance to design shoes for her to wear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15815999","title":"Kate Middleton Judges Shoe-Design Contest","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-judges-shoe-design-contest-15815999"}