Kate Middleton Nude Photo Scandal: No End in Sight?

Jeffrey Kofman investigates what the Royals are doing to stop photo publication.
3:00 | 09/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kate Middleton Nude Photo Scandal: No End in Sight?
Test Text1 i Well, the pictures the palace didn't want anyone seeing are zipping around the internet. Ever since the topless photos of kate middleton were first published, there have been rumors of more. And now, they're out, thanks to a danish magazine. So, is there anything the royals can do to stop them from spreading? Jeffrey kofman joins us from london with the latest. Quite the headache for the palace, jeffrey. Reporter: You bet, bianna. More revealing pictures of the duchess. It's becoming very clear that being a future queen comes as a huge price. Your privacy. Was it really just a year ago that little girls and young women around the world envied kate middleton as she married her prince? Well, a year later, reality has hit for the woman who is now the duchess of cambridge. First, it was humiliation, when a french magazine published topless photos of kate. Now, violation, as even more revealing photos from that camera have been published by a danish magazine, including some that include a bottom less kate changing her swimsuit. All the photos appear to be taking by the same skulking paparazzi, with a very long lens, at this chateau in france. There are, it seems, no limits anymore. How torrid it is. When I spoke to my sources at the palace, there was a taking in the stride. Reporter: Abc news will not show the grainy photos. Nor will british newspapers. When the pictures first hit in france, buckingham palace hit back, hard. Winning an injunction against further publication in france. But in today's world, there is the internet. And the new photos are already circling the globe. This is what william feared. A repeat of the endless harassing of his mother by the paparazzi. He and many others believe it contributed to diana's early death 15 years ago. The revealing photos of kate were published during the couple's tour of asia. When it first emerged, william was absolutely furious. He was seething. Kate, she's on to the job. She's going to keep the show going. Reporter: William and kate returned from their asian tour nine days ago. They haven't been seen since. They've always fiercely guarded their privacy. And they'll be guarding it even more ferociously from now on. And the palace is not commenting. But they are leaving open the option of suing that danish magazine.

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{"id":17355270,"title":"Kate Middleton Nude Photo Scandal: No End in Sight?","duration":"3:00","description":"Jeffrey Kofman investigates what the Royals are doing to stop photo publication.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-nude-photo-scandal-end-sight-17355270","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}