Parallels Between Kate, Princess Diana's Pregnancies

Harpers Bazaar's Avril Graham discusses how Princess Diana changed royal parenthood.
5:04 | 06/04/13

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Transcript for Parallels Between Kate, Princess Diana's Pregnancies
tuesday morning and burning up our "gma heat index," kate and will, how close to welcoming the royal baby. A lot of comparison, of course, being made to kate and princess diana. You hear the music so we know we're going to england and amy robach has that story for us. Reporter: Her appearance at west ministry abbey is one of her last as a mom-to-be. In a few weeks she'll give birth to the heir to the royal throne. The most anticipated birth since prince william and kate has been the most photographed expected mother since principal seas diana. She's made numerous public appearances throughout her pregnancy but while diana seemed to lose steam in her final try messter kate seems to be finishing strong after a rough start which saw her hospitalized with acute morning sickness. She was very sick at the beginning but seems to be absolutely blooming now and every time you see her she just looks so happy and she looks just full of the joys of being pregnant. Reporter: The birth of this loyal royal will be announced as william's was, via a paper announcement, attached to the gate of buckingham palace. Diana reportedly got ready for that birth by taking the time to personal shop for her own baby gear at london and dragons of walton street. Just appeared quietly in the middle of effort life. She just showed up. Just walk and suddenly be looking at princess diana. Reporter: Both kate and diana have been fond of shopping for their little heirs including at clothing stores popular with the masses. Kate has been seen shopping at the gap, diana was a big fan of oshkosh b gosh overalls for her boys. While diana took her heir to the royal home she is going to divide it between a two bedroom apartment and bucklebury within her mother carol is expected to help her. The place where they're expected to make their home, apartment 1a is not in a state to live in. She will spend a lot of time with her parents at bucklebury. Reporter: Royal watchers say they have no doubt they're united by an overarching theme. Both seem to be model mothers. Abc news, new york, amy robach. Again, big day over across the pond being able to see her for the first time. Great to have avril graham. Wasn't it amazing? Exactly this time last year, i remember distinctly kate glowing IN AN alexander McQueen looking chic and gorgeous. Speaking of fashion, there's a lot of comparisons between kate and diana, how have you looked at their maternity style? It's a totally different era. Diana was in that high crossed large voluminous dresses. Loy of tie. That's a technical -- and we all followed suit, I have to say after she wore it but, you know, kate is a thoroughly modern good and likes to dip into designer but dips into the street. But today she's wearing jenny packham. One of our well-known british designers. What's so great about kate she's really very much accentuated the positive, those beautiful legs, the hair is always gorgeous and she really hasn't looked terribly mumsy but beautiful the whole way through. Forget about the very beginning, in the hospital because of the morning sickness and all in the rear view mirror. Easy for us to say. Hard to believe she's only a few weeks away. P diana, so many adored her for how she was with her children. And we expect the same with kate. Yeah, I think you're going to see a lot more of kate introducing her to the normal british consumer and this baby will not be sitting in a gilded palace somewhere. I'm sure we'll see that baby in a stroller in gap occasionally. I think that obviously it's got to be very well guarded, et cetera, et cetera but I think we'll see a lot more of normal mommy mum and dad moments with this child. It was very much more the royal nannies looking after william and harry and the kids were only really introduced in particular settings for the press. But excuse me, we'll see daddy in the same car with baby. No. The whole generation -- they're not allowed to did a loss of two generations. A plane goes down it takes three generations down. He'll be pushing that stroller. That will fill out in 30 minutes. He will. Avril, wonderful to have you. Thank you. Please come back. Thanks a lot.

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{"id":19319597,"title":"Parallels Between Kate, Princess Diana's Pregnancies","duration":"5:04","description":"Harpers Bazaar's Avril Graham discusses how Princess Diana changed royal parenthood.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-parallels-kate-princess-dianas-pregnancies-19319597","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}