Pro-Breast-Feeding in Public Moms Look to Kate Middleton

Some women's groups are pushing for Duchess to encourage breast feeding in public.
3:00 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Pro-Breast-Feeding in Public Moms Look to Kate Middleton
And starting with the royal baby. So many people watching princess kate's every move. Now, one high-profile woman is hoping that the mom to the king will be breast-feeding. And not just breast-feeding, but breast-feeding publicly. Big drama. I'm not an ob-gyn. But I have delivered babies. And you may be surprised about what I tell my patients about whether or not to breast-feed. It may be the most photographed royal bump ever. This morning, as the duchess is just days away from giving birth, all eyes are turning from the royal baby well, the royal bosom. British reporter beverly turner is challenging kate middleton to breast-feed in public. Writing in this op-ed, quote, what we really need is the duchess of cambridge to get her royal orbs out to feed the future monarch. Turner is calling on women with, quote, power and influence, to get their milky bosoms out and feed smiling paparazzi pictures. If we see our role models and iconic images positively breast-feeding, that will have a positive impact on breast-feeding. Reporter: It's become one of the most controversial and often stig stigmatized decisions for new moms. In the u.K., Breast-feeding rates are dropping, with about 6,000 fewer women initiating the practice in 2012 than the year before. But in the u.S., They're rising. There's a big call to a around breast-feeding. Reporter: And hollywood moms are helping to spread the message. From gwen stefani, to pink, even miranda kerr, all photographed breast-feeding their babies. But for many, breast-feeding doesn't come easy. And some think it's unfair to put the pressure to pump on kate, who is already under immense scrutiny. Heather tried to breast-feed all four of her children. But never was entirely successful. The choices that she and prince william make to feed their child are theirs alone. And they don't have to be the poster child for breast-feeding or formula feeding, for that matter. You have two children. Delivered more than 1,000 babies. Do you have personal experience with this issue? You mean my orbs? Oh, wow. I have had every experience from triumph to tears and tragedy with my own two children. I did breast-feed them. But to be clear, this is a medically, socially, physically and emotionally loaded issue. And in the end, it is mother's choice what to do with her breasts. They're not global property. Do you give advice to your patients? Should people be -- medically, the benefits outweigh negatives. And part of me would like to see the duchess on the royal balcony, subtly with her baby. And the key to breast-feeding is feeding. And the mother has to feed her baby whichever way is best for her. How do people get so involved in other people's lives. It's considered global property, the breasts and the baby. And it's really not that way. Thank you dr. Ashton. You're welcome.

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{"id":19492797,"title":"Pro-Breast-Feeding in Public Moms Look to Kate Middleton","duration":"3:00","description":"Some women's groups are pushing for Duchess to encourage breast feeding in public.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-pro-breast-feeding-public-moms-19492797","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}