Kate Middleton Prepares Her First Royal Speech

The Duchess of Cambridge will give her first public speech.
2:51 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Prepares Her First Royal Speech
Kate have big day ahead for the young royal making her first public speech we have not heard much from Kate since. She and William got engaged but all that changes today NBC's nick -- of course has the latest. From London did tell -- good morning. Good morning Robin we are -- on ten Turks -- here -- calls are living -- are beautiful princess Kate she's been a royal for. Nearly a year now I would gonna hear her speak for the first time in about it. Twenty minutes and the reason for -- tender -- we just want to know what she sounds like. She's got the -- the fashion and a melting smiles down. She was flying solo saint patty's day dishing out some rocks to the Irish governments the first stumble upon her and she's very relaxed very cold months into -- -- -- from. -- -- -- -- -- -- It. One -- -- fainted and believe me it wasn't a whole thing. Any minute now her biggest challenge -- Public speech I would imagine she's cool practicing -- -- If she makes have been if something goes wrong that's gonna make headlines speaking -- big deal in royal circles remember there was a -- film about it hard. Ahead and look -- who were young Diana prepping for their first public speech -- -- good fortune you will norm I didn't finals. -- -- nail biter isn't so much walked Kate will save it. How I -- she will say it. Motion to -- nation milk caution -- the -- family things saying loss. Counsel Lawrence uses. The is stepping -- -- CA I like to know what happens then so far we've -- heard snatched. -- we're listening -- there was also that rather a nervous engagement in TV. It is it is overseeing African besides acting in wartime. That day she had -- answers -- I admit he's flying choppers in the Falklands right now. Couldn't even noticed he's not around but I tend to steer it -- he's been playing field hockey in coral pink denim. Rolling with the boss. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's clearly you -- -- before Prince Charles I didn't think he's ever even seen what -- used to be. Just one of us. So Kate needs to beat posh enough to be royal but. Not too -- that we start accusing her of for guessing her humble roots honestly. -- still really care about accents I can't really explain it in five seconds but take it from me we do -- anyway Prince William fact this week. And -- gonna take a break and opener of beats out what's been a daytime TV take that dog for a walk and hopefully wallet. In the success of its commitment to be in these up its people that that's a little British soda and nick yeah a lot of these I think you -- --

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{"id":15952255,"title":"Kate Middleton Prepares Her First Royal Speech","duration":"2:51","description":"The Duchess of Cambridge will give her first public speech.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-prepares-royal-speech-15952255","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}