Kate Middleton to Reveal Supported Charities

Many hope the Duchess of Cambridge will follow in Princess Diana's footsteps.
2:19 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton to Reveal Supported Charities
It overseas now where princess Kate is taking and a new high profile role just ahead of a big birthday. She's revealing the charity shall support ABC's nick watt has the latest on that from London and that this is where Princess Diana made her mark. Absolutely George and from right now Kate is a fully fledged working member of the royal family as we saw with Diana it involves looking good shaking hands and most importantly. It involves charity. Ma. And Kate who's been learning the ropes tied her husband's side it's just throws and the charities. Until -- with the royal patronage. She will Begin work immediately with a group of children's hospices that charity that -- addiction and an arts education -- Combination of what we did him onto kind of -- something that seemed to really attack attack. It's charming and since coming and we failed. From a -- on. Now that she's got good courses she can really get teeth into that define herself as. Not just the woman next to prince -- A year ago loyal aides would -- should be obvious Diana Kate comparisons. The -- address that elephant in the room. -- -- -- And I was left have my and should have changed since assistants Chris Coleman team to Coxe analysts and so when militias and and chief what you -- -- fantastic. It's about -- -- in future interest in going to it was a room to leverage over. And so far she has the royal entourage isn't worried anymore about the Diana comparisons because well -- -- They -- for me. She's got his big time crime and it's time much to promote charities and good causes that was one of the greatest things that you achieve in her life. On command quite comfortable with Kate taking on -- mantle. -- will also work with Britain's National Portrait Gallery at market with a voice that's -- home in Wales which will be coming to do while her dashing husband is off. Saving threatening sailors. And Georgia as you mentioned the big milestone coming up for Kate she turns thirty on Monday. Yes even princesses have to get older Buckeyes didn't want and its presence she wants people to donate to those charities that she. Is now supports very -- message for the big birthday dad -- expect.

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{"id":15295209,"title":"Kate Middleton to Reveal Supported Charities","duration":"2:19","description":"Many hope the Duchess of Cambridge will follow in Princess Diana's footsteps.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-reveal-supported-charities-15295209","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}