Growing Up Royal: What's in Store for the Heir to the Throne

A closer look at what life will be like for Prince William and Kate's new baby.
3:36 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Growing Up Royal: What's in Store for the Heir to the Throne
Kate middleton. Kate middleton, she's duchess catherine. The duchess, right. And so much excitement right now outside buckingham palace. Abc's lama hasan is there. Lama, what's it like right now outside the palace? Reporter: Well, good morning to you. Yeah, just to give you an idea of how excited people are here, we just had a group of american tourists who had heard that the duchess of cambridge had been admitted to the hospital so they came here wanting to get the latest bits of information because, of course, don't forget that it is here outside buckingham palace that the formal announcement will be made, that vital piece of information will be carefully placed on an easel and displayed here and it will have details including the baby's gender, as well as the baby's weight and time of birth and that's also when the world finds out. So william and kate with an heir of historical theater if you like and keeping with royal tradition will have their baby's details on that notice outside here. Now, all eyes are just outside here, outside buckingham palace. Lama, thank you very much. And they don't even know. I love how the parents did not want to know. One of the last few surprises we have in the world. The last great surprise. It'll change your life one way or another very differently but both are awesome. I'm excited. Next on our "gma heat index," what will life be like for that future king or queen, sure to be one of the most closely watched people in history. So what will reality be like? Take a look. ♪ growing up royal is not your run-of-the-mill upbringing but one thing there is the housing. This newest royal will have access to at least four castles, kensington palace where he or she is expected to grow up, buckingham, the 775-room palace where queen elizabeth resides and where he or she will eventually live, sandringham and balmoral the sprawling castle where royals usually summer. The queen spent her whole summer at balmoral. Reporter: Then the wheels, traditional prams before moving on to grandiose carriages and aston martins. Royal watchers say the new royal will have pricey transportation from the get-go. Kate's been telling people she's bought the trendiest pram around. It's a bug-a-boo. Reporter: Ample help. A staff including at least a part-time nanny and full-time security detail but access to a staff doesn't mean kate and william won't be involved parents. Yes, you'll be seeing william changing a diaper or two. You will want to be there most evenings to bath his child and to put his child to bed and to maybe even read him a story about helicopter pilots. Reporter: As for schooling, this royal will have access to the best of the best education, but is expected to stay close to home until high school just as william did. This young royal will one day oversee england's crown jewels collection valued at as much as $30 billion but royal watchers say don't expect kate to go crazy dressing the child in over-the-top designer duds. Let's face it. It's a baby. Reporter: What you can expect, this baby will likely inherit a royal passion for animals just as queen elizabeth famously loved her horses and corgis so kate and william love ponies and pooches. It's expected to be a royal companion to the baby in months and years to come.

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{"id":19733750,"title":"Growing Up Royal: What's in Store for the Heir to the Throne","duration":"3:36","description":"A closer look at what life will be like for Prince William and Kate's new baby.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-royal-baby-watch-store-heir-throne-19733750","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}