Middleton Shines Without Prince

Duchess of Cambridge has commoners and Queen Elizabeth herself taking notice.
2:47 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Middleton Shines Without Prince
Begin with that -- superstar stepping out -- -- -- The cover story of this week's People Magazine is all about how princess Kate is making her mark while her prince does -- duty in the Falkland Islands. ABC's be comical intrigue is here with all the details -- out. Hey good morning Q George -- -- doesn't get dressed to impress -- the complete package. It's not just commoners taking notice she has the -- attention as well. This morning the duchess of Cambridge making history. Stepping out my district -- to joining the queen herself at an event celebrating the reopening double London department store. It is the first of four upcoming royal events the queen personally invited me to attend the -- Accidental can -- under her warning its teams like they're actually selling -- -- -- with a -- -- and I think he and it's very different because that did not happen within the first year marriage. For Diana or for Fergie prince. Since -- flying solo for six weeks while husband Willis away on a mission with the royal air force in the Falkland Islands. So now the spotlight all hers as she gears up to help launch the queen's jubilee tour on March 8. -- has just really charmed the royal family and many just an embrace wholeheartedly. And many taken to -- a royal making six solo appearances in the last two weeks Kate continues to charm is she's a real -- on a mission. -- charities that bring light to children's issues. Alcohol and drug addiction and the arts. Clinton had -- -- contest -- the game as the Princess Diana this is the first real time that the newlyweds have spent apart since their April actual. But willing Qaeda reportedly staying connected across the -- 500 miles between them. By chatting -- night cell phone calls and sending. Fanatic he's awaiting action able to keep intense heat actually -- and very concerted effort to keep that -- going to keep their relationship alive beloved birds were apart for their first Valentine's Day is a married couple. But will make sure to mark the occasion by sending Kate flowers and a card. Paid engagements are keeping her busy go along with caring for the couple's new four month old cocker spaniel who vote. She still settling into her role as a wife and center stage as a royal in the public what Goldstein is not heard just sort of powering in a corner waiting for her man to come home she -- and -- -- and really embraced her new role as -- -- of and -- has been winning rave reviews for the people she's met at these charity events they say she's charming and is truly interested in what -- have to say. You can expect to see several more events with her in the queen one insider says the queen thinks Kate is her girls at my -- -- into plane -- is not in the midst of cancer myself and thanks yeah.

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{"id":15824572,"title":"Middleton Shines Without Prince","duration":"2:47","description":"Duchess of Cambridge has commoners and Queen Elizabeth herself taking notice.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-shines-prince-williams-absence-15824572","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}