Soldier Faints for Kate Middleton

Duchess of Cambridge feels the pressure before her first solo speech.
2:30 | 03/18/12

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Transcript for Soldier Faints for Kate Middleton
They couldn't handle the pressure of meeting Kate Middleton. And well as you've heard he fainted when it comes just ahead of the biggest day Kate Middleton is -- the royal. Her first -- speech and -- the pressure you could say is on. ABC's llama Hasan joins us from London this morning -- that's a little nervous -- -- -- May be just a -- and yes it. Sir -- the pressure is on good morning to you be on it must be top. On -- knowing that everyone is going to be scrutinizing -- every word. During your first formal speech and -- -- recorded -- becomes history there is no turning back. But if all else fails he does have one and beaming smile maybe -- -- for some. When the duchess of Cambridge attended -- Saint Patrick's Day parade -- was so much for one Irish guards who actually be faintest. Maybe it was Kate so alluring charm or -- Hopson with the pressure beating her -- -- Him out. -- dogs dazzle off to rule. Now all the pressure is on her as she prepares for her big day Kirby speaks -- always hear her make her first public address. When you're standing up confront -- -- to every once silent and listening to every single -- insane and we'll be -- African we'll have. This is the only time we -- heard her voice and I think if you. Mika with a -- -- time ET detonates have a five articulate but -- Ryan do you war. The first formal speech -- the overwhelming check -- kind of very first public address. And if that was influencing enough she how to do it and wells. Was quite a mouthful of food. Until then -- Deals involve. Just look at the relief on her face when it was over time it did however get a standing ovation. So both -- get the same reaction. -- and she she had been practicing privately financed health may be different manner I need to make sure that -- -- -- -- thing. Or will she crumble -- -- -- I'm sure it will be very well because like -- I think -- that she has chain has helped -- more than -- boat. Will find out soon when she steps into the spotlight when Monday that he votes he -- On. While one well reporter told us that -- called -- used to perform on stage we've seen images of her and plays a school. This is sitting in the spotlight and it's probably going to be just fine.

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{"id":15947842,"title":"Soldier Faints for Kate Middleton","duration":"2:30","description":"Duchess of Cambridge feels the pressure before her first solo speech. ","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-soldier-faints-meeting-duchess-of-cambridge-solo-speech-international-15947842","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}