3 Under Investigation for Topless Kate Photos

Publisher and photographer could face a criminal trial in France for invasion of privacy.
2:13 | 04/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3 Under Investigation for Topless Kate Photos
Latest on kate middleton. Less than three months before she's due to give birth. Making fashion statements with her maternity-wear. And we learn that three publishers will face charges for publishing the naked photos of her last summer. Lama hasan in london. ter: THE PHOTOGRAPHER That used the high-powered lend, as well as the publishers who used the images, they're making headlines of their own. Just as the princess is being pursued by the paparazzi for that baby bump, comes this. Three people are now under formal investigation and face a possible criminal trial in france for invasion of privacy, including publisher, ernesto mally and photographer valley sew. When the photos were published, pieau didn't know what all of the fuss was about. Just a beautiful couple, in love couple. Reporter: The images, whi the palace called a grotesque breach of privacy, were taken from a public road, when the couple was enjoying r&r in the south of france in september. But the duke and duchess of cambridge, sued under french privacy laws anyway. We are private individuals when we're having our time. Leave us alone. Reporter: The duchess, more than six months pregnant, is not shying away from public appearances. How she chooses to dress up, with that baby bump, in often so-so-fashionable designer frocks has become a daily fascination here. She's actually really keeping to her own sense of style and enjoying the clothes she has worn. But allowing a bit more room. Reporter: And there's no signs that kate will be slowing down anytime soon or even putting her feet up. She has a packed schedule. Tomorrow, not only will she be stepping out with william. But harry, as well. Touring and inaugurating the new harry potter studios just outside of london. Guys, who said three's a crowd? Nice said, lama. Thanks very much. Let's get the weather from sam. We begin with what was a tough day yesterday in southern

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{"id":19039549,"title":"3 Under Investigation for Topless Kate Photos","duration":"2:13","description":"Publisher and photographer could face a criminal trial in France for invasion of privacy.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-topless-photos-investigation-investigation-19039549","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}