Kate Middleton Turns 30

The Duchess of Cambridge gets ready to celebrate this major milestone.
1:46 | 01/08/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Turns 30
For a little something for you royal watchers out there duchess of Cambridge is getting ready to mark a major milestone Kate Middleton is turning the Big Three oh tomorrow. And you -- -- everyone is watching to see how shall celebrate and -- -- -- she'll be wearing maybe he's Jeffrey -- is all over the story. Rarely has that -- -- life begins at thirty runs so true. Kate her Catherine duchess of Cambridge begins her next decade as the future queen of England. Now back -- for a party. Fire rock stars and lots of champagne. Right. Role -- UP no frills no rock stars being forced -- from America. Yes there were reports the brother in law Prince Harry was planning a big -- might have looked in gold to the economy. It's marrying -- eight months ago he has signed up for -- life in the public and she knows that everything she does will be scrutinized analyzed judge. He has not made a wrong move yet hugely popular poll was perfectly put together. If there is one criticism directed that -- -- -- -- -- looking sensational she hasn't done much in her first year as a royal. Some have taken to calling her that. -- just do little I don't think there's -- rush to suddenly collapsed on -- -- charities and doing some work and this week she moved to. To change that becoming patron of four British charities. Tonight a free birthday appearance for the future king and queen. He'll attend the British premiere of Steven Spielberg's new film war horse and then William returns to his job as a rescue pilot in Wales. And perhaps a birthday dinner with his new wife in front of the tally. For Good Morning America and gently Hoffman ABC news London.

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{"id":15315893,"title":"Kate Middleton Turns 30","duration":"1:46","description":"The Duchess of Cambridge gets ready to celebrate this major milestone.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-turns-30-15315893","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}