Kate Middleton Style Guide

British Vogue published an in-depth look at what it takes to be a royal style icon.
3:15 | 01/09/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Style Guide
-- want to -- all eyes on the duchess as she turns 31 today. No sign of the baby bump yet but her and green moved during her much anticipated pregnancy is being dissected and what's being called a Kate PDF is that right in the lineup. And yes I can't just making their first -- I it's being called -- -- Apparently that's an exhaustive study of what it takes -- -- has just been published. Like ABC -- -- -- on his right outside Buckingham Palace with all of the details mom mom helped me. Good morning T -- SE different out sick correctly while the pilot says that this mother to be is celebrating. A study -- but they and private boat bed but they present than to have a whole style guide to. Built around US is saying does imitation is the sincerest form a -- very. In May be the most meticulous guide ever conceived with the world's most famous mother to be. Every DT MF -- Cingular stopped. Scrutinized. In an astonishing compendium of facts and figures and a brand new British. Dissecting the formula to -- every day glamour. Just explain to us what heat. It's for -- music look -- test. And it was weeks of luck and we -- -- -- thousands pictures of outfits were counted teeth what counts aids. So how does the duchess that's stocking up and what does this deep -- until -- details hates -- about how our. The fact that -- feels like she's one of us she could be everybody's best friend she sort of the every down one at the same time she's on that pedestal by being -- member of the royal family. She's not a -- -- she's she's she's not a television personality she's something that she sort of stands. Something special and I'm grounding -- and they well but I can't say. Not the official -- 100 intentional that you want to be as true coffee case -- Arab news. From -- to corn flour -- preferred huge 24%. At the time. Classic -- almost always carries a -- holding it with both hands almost 50% of the time. And where drop earrings about 13. Inches -- nine. Smile showing an average of almost nine T. And that fascinates her tilted the stylish fifty degrees shows off the -- And now I you know while British that is only ever done a similar spread -- before. It was -- the queen and it wasn't so in depth but still it was so successful. They decided to do it all over again with -- because they believe she is such a great style icon Amy. All right indeed Lama and you can -- -- militants top 31 looks at Good Morning America -- have -- getting 31 she's turning 31. I totally dead -- and I'm. I -- -- -- we do we keep yeah I was counting I think I have the ninth to smile hoping.

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{"id":18168447,"title":"Kate Middleton Style Guide ","duration":"3:15","description":"British Vogue published an in-depth look at what it takes to be a royal style icon.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middletons-31st-birthday-guide-duchess-cambridges-style-18168447","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}