Kate Middleton's Birthday Kicks Off With Screening

Duchess of Cambridge turns 30 in style at London premiere of "War Horse."
2:19 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton's Birthday Kicks Off With Screening
She turns thirty today after hitting the red carpet last night when Prince William Perry is now I think we're gonna -- and -- tortured and chivalry shielding -- in the rain. -- watching us now from London with more on -- plans for the big day good morning. Good morning -- I wonder if the young Kate ever dress she'd wake up this morning married to a prince and in line to be queen of England. I don't know maybe she did but last night she started the celebrations and a rock star style at the premiere here in London -- the -- Spielberg movie. -- -- And on the red carpet it was a -- and -- director guy. Some guys holding her -- brother. Kate totally stole the show -- parent whose feet errands and Alice temporarily designed -- -- -- -- -- -- version approved letting him. She's got this magic star quality. Which the -- from -- desperately needs. There was talk of -- and -- planning a big birthday bash tonight I was thinking Beyonce at -- The driveway. None of -- William and Kate will mark professed his best thing in a low key quiet night together perhaps at their house in rainy whales. For them and -- the -- -- organize and quiet not him his perfect for kites. Reflection on an incredible year -- and many more to come. If you'll excuse. The pond Kate is now the jewel in the crown of the -- from me. This -- they'll -- foreign tourists -- William engagement with the queen and we've just heard Kate will become head of the same army regiment that Diana. -- -- She hasn't even opened a map here in public and there is so much more to come so much more of this. I don't have a script I've got nobody worried that -- -- I'll do what I think is right they'll certainly didn't have the opportunity for Edwards. Mr. Spielberg was -- little bit starstruck. And you can blame him. That juror in the screening Stevens bill Brooks sat next to -- and he said that. His wife at the -- the crying duchess a Kleenex during the screening but. Ever the gentleman. Spielberg said he did not look in her direction Robert and Georgie says quote I did not want to intrude on her all the problems in the center of -- -- -- said nick bank's.

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{"id":15320151,"title":"Kate Middleton's Birthday Kicks Off With Screening","duration":"2:19","description":"Duchess of Cambridge turns 30 in style at London premiere of \"War Horse.\"","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middletons-birthday-kicks-off-screening-steven-spielbergs-15320151","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}