Kate Middleton's Family Profiting Off Throne?

Duchess of Cambridge's parents sold tea pots, plates donning the queen's face.
1:31 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton's Family Profiting Off Throne?
Milestone for the British monarch he Queen Elizabeth celebrating sixty years on the thrown her diamond jubilee and it turns out that. Her grandsons -- in -- Kate Middleton parents are about to cash in. Big time ABC's nick watts explains why. Is about to celebrate sixty years on the British throne and her loyalists -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet the -- side but her parents will be walking cardboard people. Ten bucks -- pulp and -- -- -- and the -- -- bucks and say we're for. And there is an extremely fine line between being. Fine family of a future queen and then being -- to cash in on on lateral status. Middleton -- sold party attacked time of their lovely -- -- his wedding they've made. In that is the email says with a sneer. Some question whether their efforts could have been a teensy bit -- keep rates low sneering. -- -- -- whose name is rarely mentioned without. She was supposed to ten in -- and we tend not particularly like people who have done well sister pit -- scientists 600000. Dollar but they. She wouldn't go about -- if it wasn't for assistance. But listen you can pay -- to tour Buckingham Palace for goodness sake there's even a gift -- It's -- -- money spinning soap opera for Good Morning America and it -- ABC news --

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{"id":15756773,"title":"Kate Middleton's Family Profiting Off Throne?","duration":"1:31","description":"Duchess of Cambridge's parents sold tea pots, plates donning the queen's face.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middletons-family-profiting-off-throne-15756773","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}