Kate Upton Wants You to Grow a Mustache

The supermodel is Gillette team captain for Movember, the prostate cancer awareness event.
6:20 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for Kate Upton Wants You to Grow a Mustache
Up ten or anybody. Okay. Scott yeah. Cumulative sources and human resources mind -- yeah. -- -- How are you hungry to meet you I'm happy I've been wanting to interview for a while because I -- tell you got your start how do you get that really adorable video -- -- mean you just you're just seem like. I've really great role model in this industry coming your hair and I got to the Vanity Fair article. That you that you were just some cover looking spectacular I guess I feel like you're sort of keep taking it all in stride despite the fact that we see you. Just killing it on the -- I. Not -- wealthy note some clothing sounds. Yeah Iranian -- keep my learn aside -- you do and we you guys have a connection well I just -- that you were worn a changeup well. Yes and that's -- my hope is from Saint -- Michigan know my job I don't pay already I. I'm -- yeah. He didn't look alike to tone down. And I didn't grow up -- -- did you but -- both from their unborn in my family that I sold. By and that's just eleven and tell me that my parents moved back fare so whenever I go home for -- -- Thanksgiving break it's right on lake it's only again and this is sweet little town in the snow falls -- and Nancy it's like you this now patterns and -- -- To spend holidays to grow up so yeah it's you know actually talk and causing serious yeah but he answered yeah well actually not there's -- being talked about October head didn't breast cancer -- going into November also known and that Motorola and learn them half when we talk -- -- -- and yeah. Well in Atlanta I'm still so I captain that seemed to -- says. I really young -- I'm not. Growing a mustache as part of his campaign explained that pays so it's starting in Australia and I think it was just kind of guys being guys and joking around but it's for such a great -- -- see how long they can go out their hair but. With being a part of Gillette I think we're thinking not just to grow it out but keep it a little more -- yeah. Baby yeah yeah Saturday that -- Much OK I -- yes so that you innate we have a little bit faxes of the -- about -- -- the words. Grow mustaches to raise money awareness for men's health issues especially prostate and testicular cancer that -- even if you cannot grow a mustache on which thankfully we cannot. Jackson. Up power -- I don't know -- yeah outlays there to -- -- -- you can still be part of November and tell us obviously Kate is here so I'm so we've got to be fine since you are on team to Latin and I -- -- probably the captain. Have wanted to raise the sound of bombs some things most seeking critique wrap it could happen yeah I -- -- and yeah. First crash don't know we think that most I love it and -- -- is -- -- -- better than I'm sorry. We handling an supposed to in my bedroom. Allen and Allen -- now. I'd like he's now since change and I believe he jeopardy never the same yeah. It's amazing that any thoughts online real -- -- question I think he's still on selling is your favorite dancing at a time though yeah. Yeah. Freddie Mercury. I mean he's a rock star -- that is -- -- -- little a little trip maybe yeah yeah I'm bad moments. And as I guess I wished that I had a little more did they'll and then went yeah that's -- he added that he wants he's like that teenage boy that want -- -- -- that already had. In his last night guys. Ryan Gosling to meet you you can grow every one running and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Give us some supermodel style text. OK well you know I've never had my facts that may be saying not the expert but I I think that'd spine at that it's a great -- is expert decries that you have that excuse you -- try something now. -- -- -- -- In the core I didn't record contract. With the -- what would be reduced and now -- -- like to keep track yes I think I don't know all -- out. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I just flashed back. I don't flashback eighties Bob long ago he's -- -- -- -- we're gonna see your cash economy. And don't want and yeah. Yeah well -- did and so may be anybody -- yeah we're excited. I I would rather hear about cognitive modeling can ask a question besides you -- you not -- -- yeah I got you. Stanley thanks to David -- the -- mild but but you've done so very very well and I know Brian wanted to how could -- -- at three. Yeah I really have no say and -- but I would I would say no if they wanted to have a reality however it very time but. I really enjoy -- -- -- -- yeah. We've -- every -- pattern of the TV time on the you know -- I. I love the first ever exam I thought that -- an Arctic I survived -- I -- have suffered it is a lot of memories and was I will exit parliament and looking back -- my -- yeah. I'm we have so many special here -- One. It's. Yeah. Do you have anything you. I don't like that right -- doesn't. I really did not immediately immediately yeah. Yeah. And -- Thank you so much yeah they remain angry. That's who we're all reading -- and QB -- work. I got pregnant and this is a great cause everybody -- find out more about how you can donate plants grow a mustache -- may have withdrawn from Scottie. November dot com and Kate Upton we didn't.

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{"id":20668728,"title":"Kate Upton Wants You to Grow a Mustache","duration":"6:20","description":"The supermodel is Gillette team captain for Movember, the prostate cancer awareness event.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-upton-interview-2013-movember-gillette-team-captain-20668728","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}