Winslet on 'Titanic' Re-Release

Hollywood leading lady explains how life changed since film made her a star.
0:57 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for Winslet on 'Titanic' Re-Release
Kate Winslet joins us now live from London to talk about this. Timeless classic is so good to see you again and have you seen it in 3-D yet Kate. Has that -- didn't unnamed -- Robin good morning. I paid good money. No I still haven't seen the -- gave us -- I have seen 21 minutes of -- together -- in 3-D and it does. It doesn't spectacular I have to say it's very different it's a very different experience use of the feel like kill. You'll all in the -- ground by reading in the area in this rare events as opposed to just sitting back and watching the spectacle -- really really. In mass and it's in the eyes Barry right sites I can assure that it will be and you know Kate -- had to tell you whatever it is on cable. It's the type of movie no matter where it is whatever point in the movie it is. You find yourself sitting down and watching it again and again and again what is it do you think about it that just connects with so many people. I didn't know I -- I -- I had you know add -- of them by content -- -- speak -- -- idea about it what it is that really does cyclical that he but I think it's something to do with Elvis week. The shift -- the historical. Elements of all the story -- the sinking of the ship itself but also the love story that the rich Linda. The guy from Syria to happens in that quite cute along the way and the intensity of that plus the dialogue you know the script was right right -- -- I think all of those components how wonderful -- looks and also. The the school of the music was so spectacular I was just listening -- -- that -- you're playing before I came on and really remembering that music and how you know it's unmistakably. Titanic unmistakably. And that's seven very poignant about that something could. I was hoping you're gonna say -- sitting on the guy in -- like that your favorite saying. Do you have a favorite. I do not see my favorite -- to watch out my favorite scene to cities. Not one in the same thing out. The that the posse -- -- joins Jack. In Syria -- and they embezzled the doctor when I got right up on my -- it's has like that. I -- I couldn't wait to see those scenes I was really looking forward to that I loved every second of it. And I really enjoy watching that sequence starts a fight very happy -- happy. -- -- -- -- everybody I can't wait to see if sewage into 3-D and when you're spinning around and around but when you went up on your toes like that. -- -- -- From everybody -- But -- iconic scene you know what what I'm talking about. The one of you and Jack there at the bow and that's the one that's just say it's a part of cinema history. Just about how that was shot now I can never. I know I can I can never guess on the without someone saying yeah -- -- that benefit. Can we just got the private news about the thought he might just might vomit that that this is I honestly I think it's an offering that now whenever -- -- -- about I'm like okay come on that's full -- with the -- -- cash it's really very funny if it but it does happen an it will happen for the rest of my life that's so bad but insisting that seed you know. I'd get back climate and -- -- I remember is it was always a -- because we salted. Maybe four or five times if not more actually just because didn't have wanted the option of its various difference -- Various different lights in the sky adding a -- a new act and blitzing unit depending all of -- -- was doing so that it would be this terrible -- but all my eldest son and about -- welcome long take you up on them out. We were just rushed up bad enough you. He's -- really really quickly. Police have to -- it looks different ways many different since in studio outside. With Green screen without. I mean to be -- Indiana and they -- I would like might the yet -- -- -- -- but I think not I'm not getting anything but capturing the magic hour a like that which is so important. And you know you're in your. Twenties when you do -- this film and view it it just launched all denominations and -- with the with the vocal work that you have done. Sense and you -- saying that you're grateful what happened. Then that kind of success because now others Twitter -- there's just so many different -- is that your privacy can be. Violated that you're you're glad it happened then and not now. Odds I am so grateful that it the happened then he had been acting that now being. I mean at 1021 -- not medium by the time they cannot think I was tense dual -- 22. And I I think now -- -- when young people residents -- since the public highlight that federal list. Told that successful -- told that famous before they even really know how to compete what that means. Even before they can understand who they -- BI and I think it's I think is a lot of pressure. Now on on young people to really be -- -- -- everyone's telling them that they you have always discovered it for themselves as always have that very well only to be back to talk about special project tomorrow thank you Kate.

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{"duration":"0:57","description":"Hollywood leading lady explains how life changed since film made her a star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16002060","title":"Winslet on 'Titanic' Re-Release","url":"/GMA/video/kate-winslet-interview-titanic-theatrical-release-3d-best-16002060"}