Will and Kate's Gifts from World Tour Revealed

British royals receive everything from cowboy hats to caribou antler goggles.
2:13 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Will and Kate's Gifts from World Tour Revealed
Now to a big royal revealed the palace has released the official list of all -- gifts given to will and Kate during their overseas trip and it's quite down. Everything from cowboy hats to. Caribou -- goggles who should we have do this story about ABC's -- -- They're royals wag -- looks like Sunday mornings it's dressing room -- -- Cowboy passed by parliament needed mull -- and perhaps also in their. Our Burke eighteen CDs and dvds six. Cuddly toys at one of ice -- chef's jackets a -- prisoners sweaters sweet. -- was given a -- -- that rates by the two. Harry Winston that this was not just any broad spaced points at Princeton I think had 320. Diamonds in which would -- make any -- blocks. You don't think it like that I can't say whether she likes it -- no I'm possibly say it wasn't exactly my cup of -- it was. It was just quite a -- that the tall. And here's the -- sellers -- ministry of foreign affairs gave him three pairs of shoes cost. Who's -- -- pitiful and the governor of California gave him one on -- Someone gave Williams big -- complete an eight Prince William quick -- jacket. No idea either safe and happy a mash a small limit castle Larry brilliant -- -- -- might not. Criminal Amazon is -- a pair of charitable -- has no goggles and that dragonfly brooch that that is -- discs someone else like. Let's imagine that simply gave them packets the -- it's. He can be a slightly difficult situation for the men's -- founding because you're going to have to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- reliably fascinating to punitive to the crop had weddings it would seem to love and Willie. -- -- -- -- And Robert and George they get to keep -- -- a look at that plaid -- they keep everything apart from the food just in case it's poisonous. That makes says -- --

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{"id":15337559,"title":"Will and Kate's Gifts from World Tour Revealed","duration":"2:13","description":"British royals receive everything from cowboy hats to caribou antler goggles.","url":"/GMA/video/kates-gifts-world-tour-revealed-15337559","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}